Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Irish Road Head: Pittsburgh Girls

To end the old year and to start off the 2009 year just right I've decided to bring you the hottest girls in Pittsburgh colors. I searched far and wide to bring you these beauties. I must say. Steelers fans and Pens fans are tied for the hottest of all Pittsburgh women. For some reason it was nearly impossible to find any pictures of hot chicks wearing Pitt gear or Pirates gear. The Pirates one explains itself. But come on! Where are all of the hot girls in Pitt Panthers clothing?!? Anyways, Happy New Years! Enjoy!



Billy Bearcat said...

That was beautiful man... thank you. Happy New Year

Irish Road said...

It's for you the fans. Because you read I like to reward.

BlueEyes69 said...

Great post ... I'm just sorry I didn't find you earlier. I'm a Pittsburgh girl, a fitness trainer, who has some photos that would fit into your plans!!!

Please feel free to stop by my blog to see if we could work together!

Luv ya,