Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sports Hero of the Day: The UFC

Last night the Spike TV hosted a special UFC "Fight for the Troops" show. It was a free show where the UFC held matches trying to raise money for for Fallen Soldiers. The goal of the show was to raise enough money to be able to build a traumatic brain injury treatment center to care for soldiers returning from combat with traumatic brain injuries and psychological problems.

You just can't say enough about the UFC doing this for the Service Members. You have to thank all of the fighters who gave their time visiting the wounded men and women to boost their morale. You have to thank all of the people who helped make it happen like Dana White, Joe Rogan, Mike Goldberg, Bruce Buffer, the UFC referees and the Spike TV production crews. You have to thank all of the celebrities who spent the time to ask for donations to the fund like Samuel L. Jackson, James Gandolfini, Chris O'Donnel, Craig Ferguson, Robert Patrick, Rob Lowe, Mick Foley, Matt LeBlanc, Ron Livingston, 50 Cent, Laura Prepon, Everlast, Shane Victorino, Jack Black and Charlie Sheen. Forgive me if I missed any of them. A special thanks goes out to everyone who donated to the fund. Being a veteran of Iraq this one hits close to home and means a lot to know that the Men and Women of the Services are loved and remembered.

On to the action! There were many great fights. It seemed like everyone turned it up a notch in front of the soldiers at Fort Bragg. There was zero, absolutely zero, lack of effort from the fighters. It was truly an event and a show. Once again thank you to the fighters! Two of the matches that stuck out the most tonight were the fights Ben Saunders vs. Brandon Wolff and Josh Koscheck vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida which was the main event of the night.

In the Saunders-Wolff match Ben Saunders put on one of the most dominant one-sided fights (over a minute long) that I've ever seen. Saunders got in the Mauy Thai clench early and just threw knees in something that looked like it was out of Street Fighter. Joe Rogan called it the "most devastating use of the muay thai clench we've ever seen." Unbelievably awesome! You have to try and see a replay (it's Spike I'm sure you'll be able to).

When Josh Koscheck squared off with Yoshiyuki Yoshida it was just pure dominance. I swear before every fight I see Koscheck in they announce how much he's improved in his striking. Not being one to disappoint Josh proved them right. Josh gave one of the most incredibly brutal knockouts by a straight right hand ever. Yoshida was out cold while standing straight up and just collapsed. Ugly! This will be on one of those greatest knockout compilations soon for sure.

But the real heroes of the night are the Men and Women who serve in the Armed Forces. They ensure our Human Rights every time they put on the uniform and serve our country. The biggest thanks go out to them. Please log on to and find out how you can donate to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
You can't say it better than UFC's Mike Goldberg as he closed out the program with his final thought, "We have all been reminded tonight that freedom is a privilege."
Thanks again to the UFC and thanks forever to the troops!

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