Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sports Hero of the Day: Tony Romo

Now I love ragging on Tony Romo and the Cowboys as much as the next person but after hearing this story I decided to praise the Dallas QB for something we don't see from athletes as often as we should.

It seems Mr. Romo was out with a friend (no not Jessica Simpson ... the report says a friend not a whore) when he walked up to the ticket counter of a movie theater and saw a homeless guy cashing in his change. Tony decided to treat the man to a movie and offered to buy him a ticket. The man declined at first so that he could pass out fliers on the street for some money. After he realized who had invited him to watch the movie he quickly changed his mind and accepted the ticket. The homeless man ran across the street to tell someone he would not be able to pass out fliers that day and then ran back into theater where Tony waved him over to an empty seat next to him and his friend. The homeless man apologized for not have bathing in a few days but Mr. Romo just laughed it off and said he was around smelly guys in the locker room and not to worry.

It seems that this is not the first time that Tony Romo was a good samaritan either. He apparently stopped and helped a couple change a flat on the eve of the Cowboys opener.

Tony Romo for your random acts of kindness we name you the Sports Hero of the Day. Of course maybe we shouldn't give you too much credit for taking a smelly homeless guy to the movies. I mean the company could have been worse ....

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Hept-Rossi said...

I guarantee the smelly homeless man would provide far better conversation before the movie started. I'm sure he is sick of hearing 'why do they call them snow caps if they don't have snow on them?'