Monday, December 1, 2008

Basic Thug-A-Nomics: Ryan Clark

Even if you were living under a rock you still would have heard about Ryan Clark's devastating hit on Wes Welker. In fact you probably even heard Welker's head slamming twice (once off of Clark's shoulder and the other off of the ground). Dirty? Maybe. Late? Nope. Should it be a penalty for unnecessary roughness? Yeah ... but only because today's NFL is run by a pussy. Clark sent the message that Steeler Country (not to mention most other teams and fans around the league) have been waiting to send to the Patriots for awhile. Couple that with the huge bitch slap our defensive line handed to Cassel and the Pat's O-line and it was a fun game to watch. After the Steelers started off slow, barely pulling off a tie in the first half, it was all Black and Gold. Despite poor officiating from Ed Hochuli and company, despite the rain, despite the history the Steelers have had in Foxboro lately, despite CBS's announcing crew rooting for New England to win, Pittsburgh was unstoppable in the second half. The defense took the ball 4 times (the 5th was on special teams) and the offense finished it off. Final score 33-10. It was a beautiful sight to see.

In preparation of Ryan Clark's upcoming fine from the League I am asking for the fans to all send me whatever they can so we can pay off Clark's fine because seriously, how many of you watched that and said "Damn! I'd pay to see that again!" I know I would! Clark you are officially a badass! Feel free to light up Terrell Owens next week on us!

The Steelers are now in control of the second seed in the AFC with a one game lead on the Jets and a game ahead of the Ravens for the North division. The December 14th matchup with Baltimore should tell us a lot about our chances to make it deep into the playoffs.

*note: I will not actually be collecting money for the fine but feel free to send me some anyways.

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Runhigh said...

I already gave Obama money. No way am I giving money to another black guy who beat up on a helpless white guy.