Monday, December 8, 2008

Steelers Offense Plays bad, Steelers D saves the day against the Cowgirls

I seriously think I cussed the Steelers offense out for three quarters and rejoiced for one
half of another. You can't say enough about the Steelers defense. Four turnovers in the first half against a playoff caliber team is amazing. You can't say much about the Steelers offense. At least nothing too good anyways. Three points off of four first half turnovers is pathetic.

"Seriously man! Those guys are lighting you up!"

You can try to say that the Dallas defense was up to the task but seriously quit kidding yourself. The Offense was awful top to bottom. The line was porous, couldn't run block and was barely pass blocking. Ben wasn't making poor decisions he just wasn't making any decisions and ended up taking sacks when he clearly could have/should have thrown the ball away. The running game was non-existent and Bruce Arians .... well I don't think I have six hours to write what I think about him. But from what I saw Arians couldn't out scheme a pee-wee football defense right now. I will say this though. When it came to crunch time Ben and the Offense made the plays it needed to and secured a tie. And as much as I cussed him out last night Ben still has that X-factor that few other QB's have.

But without the juggernaut defense we would have been nothing. After scoring to tie the game at 13 Dallas got the ball back with plenty of time to drive the field and win the game. Instead the defense forced a quick throw out of Tony "Mr. Simpson" Romo that Deshea Townsend picked off and after some good moves ran into the end zone for a touchdown. Speaking of interceptions who the hell taught Ike Taylor how to catch? Never mind. So Jeff Reed punches in the extra point for a 20-13 score and that was all she wrote. Mr. Simpson wasn't able to do anything else and the Steelers won, despite their offense.

"Quit making fun of my quarterback ... *sniffle sniffle* .... that's my quarterback!"

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