Friday, December 5, 2008

Irish Road Trip: Links for the Day

-Bill Simmons is now Actively rooting against the Steelers because of the hit Ryan Clark laid on Wes Welker. Bill ... I knew Boston fans were all cocky and arrogant but I never knew that if you put a Boston fan in L.A. it turned them into a bitch too! No wonder you're wife kicked your ass the last two years in the NFL picks! Oh ... by the way our own writer, Nighthawk is currently beating you by 1 this year!

-Earlier today one of the greatest pitchers of our time, Greg Maddux, announced his retirement from baseball. Greg, even though he always played for a rival, remained one of my favorite pitchers because of his grace and control he had on the mound when pitching. Good Luck Greg!

-O.J. Simpson has just been sentence and will spend a minimum of a decade behind bars. Does anybody still believe he is innocent of the murders of Nicole Brown? If you said yes you're a fucking idiot!

-Matt Hasslebeck is still a douchebag. Dude I don't know if you realize you pretty much told everyone you got an ass beating from a girl.

-Raise the Jolly Roger is currently keeping track of all of the Jack Wilson off-season talk.

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