Monday, October 13, 2008

Presidential Debate Drinking Rules

Well, we really dropped the ball here. No drinking rules for the first 2 Presidential and the VP debate? My apologies. If you want to know, yes I got the idea from SNL and Tina Fey.

Presidential Debates are a perfect candidate for drinking rules. Take something that is usually boring add some beer and liquor and presto! You've got a great way to spend an evening! No talking to the wife or girlfriend to entertain yourself!

So without further ado, here are the rules for the third and final Presidential Debate:

1. The "My Friends" rule.

Anytime John McCain says "My Friends" drink 5 seconds.

2. Change Rule

No, not quarters. Anytime either candidate mentions the word change drink 5 seconds.

3. Bush Rule

Whenever a candidate's votes, policies or record are tied to President Bush drink 5 seconds.

4. Bailout

No, not out of a plane dumbass! When the candidates or moderator mentions the word bailout, drink 5 seconds.

5. Rambling Rule

Drink for 10 seconds when a candidate ignores the moderater's question and goes off a tangent. Rule requires approval of half the people in the room. Drink double if the moderater calls him out on it.

6. Stan Rule

No, not the kid from South Park. Great show though. Drink for 5 seconds anytime the candidates or moderator mention a "stan" country (Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.).

7. Stories

Anytime Obama mentions his childhood or McCain mentions his Navy career, drink for 5 seconds. Take a shot if McCain talks about his time as a POW.

8. Washington Insiders

When a candidate bashes the so called "Washington Insiders" drink for 5 seconds.

9. Names

Drink 3 seconds anytime one candidate mentions the other by name. First names, last names and titles all count. For example, Senator McCain would be 6 seconds.

Coming soon - Drinking rules for election night. Because everyone deserves a reason to drink on a Tuesday night. Plus, this year could be a nailbiter and for those actually concerned with the election results, alcohol will do a good job of calming your nerves.

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redbeard_prime said...

The first rule alone would be enough to kill a man.