Thursday, December 11, 2008

FINALLY ! ! ! ! !

Just like Sykora raining down powers from the heavens to call his shot in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup yours truly called upon some heavenly vision to foresee Petr Gun earning his first Hat Trick in a Pens jersey at Mellon Arena just over a week ago from today. Forty-Four tries short. Forty-five was so sweet. It was this night that he went a step beyond and added that third goal thus earning his first career Hat Trick.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and one of the team's constant hard workers. He's a blue collar player of sorts. The kind that fits with this city and thus with it's hockey team. Fittingly Petr Gun's third goal came while in front of the net off a feed from, who else, the Pittsburgh Kid, Sidney Crosby who fed a beautiful pass across the middle on the tape of Sykora's stick blade. It was a one of a kind pass that only Sid consistently makes in the league.

Petr Sykora finished it off and on cue the intelligent hockey fans of Pittsburgh rained hats down from the Mellon Arena rafters. But Petr was not alone. Another consummate worker named Pascal Dupuis earned his first career Hat Trick on a pretty move after a beautiful feed from Matt Cooke during four on four play during the third. The fans showed him their love too tossing whatever they had left towards the ice.

It was the kind of blitzkrieg offense that we've been waiting to see from this team of superstars (yes like you Max Talbot). The final score of the game, 9-2. Thirteen different Pens recorded a point against the Islanders. The three stars of the game ended up being 1 - Sykora, 2- Dupuis, and 3- Satan. It's not often that you don't call Sid the Kid one of the stars after a three point night but I doubt if anyone will try to argue this one.

Other notes around the Pittsburgh world:

-The Pirates trade catcher Ronnie Paulino to the Philadelphia Phillies for prospect Jason Jaramillo. Apparently the Phillies recent success has frightened so much that they are trying desperately to return to their losing ways.

-The Pens next game is in Philadelphia against the Flyers at 1:00.

-Malkin now has 48 points to lead the league. Crosby is at 44 points and Ovenchkin is third with 37.

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