Saturday, January 3, 2009

NFL PICKS: Divisional Playoffs

The bad news: I went 7-8-1 in the final week of the season. But come on ... I was just resting my starters for the playoff picks.

The good news: That ass clown the Sports Guy went 7-7-2. So I finish the regular season with a better record than he does.

So now it's time to pull a little Viking Quest out of me and shout: VICTORY!!!!!!!

That's right Sports Queer .... I went there!

Like all week 17's it was an unpredictable one. But it finished shaping the NFL playoff picture and brought out a few questions:

1. Which late season collapse is worse: The 2007 Mets or the 2008 Broncos?

2. What business does the NFL have making a team on a 9-game winning streak and a 12-4 record go on the road and face an 8-8 team that only made the playoffs by default?

3. How much did you smile after finding out that an 8-8 team is in the playoffs ahead of the 11-5 New England Patriots?

4. When the Sports Guy is sitting there in second place do you think he'd rather see me in this pose

Or this one


Alright, Alright ... enough gloating ... On to the Picks!


Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) at Arizona Cardinals

I told myself I wouldn't do it. There is no way that I would pick the Cards because of their unpredictability and 9-7 record. But they do have a very good winning record at home and the Falcons are only .500 on the road. Couple that with a rookie QB starting for the Falcons (albeit a very good rookie QB) and you've got a recipe for an Arizona win. Oh yeah ... AND THEY'RE MY NFC SLEEPER!!! I don't doubt that Matt Ryan is good but there is a history of rookie QB's struggling in their playoff games.

Cardinals +2.5

Indianapolis Colts (-2.5) at San Diego Chargers

It's probably the worst case scenario for the Colts. If they win its because they were suppose to. If they lose they'll be the laughing stock of the league and further push the Chargers as the Wild Card darlings. As I said before they got an extremely raw deal from the league. Being the road team against an 8-8 team? Something needs to change. Karma will win out in this one.

Colts -2.5


Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) at Miami Dolphins

I know I just talked about rookie QB's and their first playoff games. But on the flip side when you have an incredible defense to bail your ballerina-looking ass out of a jam like Joe Flacco then you can pull out a win. The Wildcat offense is going to be very ineffective against a defense with the speed that the Ravens have.

Ravens -2.5

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) at Minnesota Vikings

I'm really fighting back the temptation to make another Viking Quest joke here. I'll hold off for the sake of my readers. VICTORY!!! Okay I'm done .... I swear ..... I think. Anyways the Eagles are probably the most dangerous team in the NFC right now. They completely manhandled the Cowboys in the final week and have been on a tear since the McNabb benching. nobody wants to face them right now. But I think the Vikings match up well enough to turn them into a one dimensional offense. If they can get Adrian Peterson going and if Peterson can keep from turning the ball over then the Vikings will pull this one out. And the NFC will breathe a sigh of relief.

Vikings +3.5

Last Week's Record: 7-8-1

Season Record: 138-114-3

Sports Guy's 2nd Place Record: 132-116-8

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