Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AFC North: There Can Be Only One

So I realize I'm a little late with this one but I have good reason .... well, actually I don't but do you really care? If you wanted up to date, to the second, A-plus sports writing you wouldn't be coming here you'd be reading Bob Smizik over at the Post Gazette .... Oooh ... that's right. Was that mean? Good. It was suppose to be.
But you are here and you are reading my stuff. Like what was done with Bob Smizik, if you don't enjoy my writing you can always just email my editor and tell him.

Hello ... my name is Irish Road and I'm the editor ... how can I ignore you today?

But seriously, Sunday was all about defense. Number one versus number two and number one established the AFC North pecking order by beating the Baltimore defense into submission on it's own turf. Not an easy task for anybody considering only one other team has done it this year (Tennessee) and that the Steelers haven't done it since 2002. But this day was different and this defense was unlike any we've seen. They posted their 14th straight game without allowing 300 yards on offense. They maintained their grip on the number one rankings across the board. They even dished out some bone crushing hits on the Raven offense.

But against Baltimore they would need the offense to do something. Anything. Big Ben and the offense once again came through in the final minutes, delivering an Elway and Montana esque 90+ yard drive down the field in the Ravens face. Do I need to remind everyone it was on their field?

It culminated with a controversial pass to the goal line that was caught by Santonio Holmes who had fumbled the ball twice earlier. The play was initially ruled down at the 2 inch line or something (they must have had Joe Flaccid whip out his 'special buddy' to measure that one). But after an Official review the referees overturned the play and called it a touchdown.

After that the Ravens had one more shot to drive it down the field. They were helped out when the refs awarded them an extra 15 yards when Jeff Reed (you read that correctly) got a personal foul for roughing up some pussy that wears black and purple (by the way where does this put a football player on the feminine scale for looking for a penalty when the place kicker shoves him). The Ravens, however were unable to take advantage and Joe 'my penis is' Flacco threw an interception to William Gay. The Ravens fans cried as the Steelers won the AFC title on their field.

This is what retards look like

This is what losers look like.

This is what Champions look like.

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