Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bro-Mance, A Salute to Manly Men: Bear Grylls

We here On Irish Road like to salute the manly men of the world. The guys who help keep the testosterone levels of life higher than the estrogen levels. The guys that other men want to be like and women want to be with. They are the men that other men look to learn from and make themselves better and more self-sufficient.

In our first Bro-Mance post we salute the man with all of the survival skills, Bear Grylls, host of the Discovery Channel show 'Man vs. Wild'. The man is a former British Special Forces soldier and the youngest Englishman to ever summit Everest and return safely.

While reports have surfaced that sometimes Bear has stayed in hotels overnight instead of in the terrain he's suppose to be surviving the guy is still a grade A bad ass. He's a encyclopedia of knowledge in all types of outdoors settings and isn't afraid to try anything to survive the elements. Hell I've watched an episode where the guy grabbed a water snake out of the swamp, bit it's head off ala Ozzy Osbourne and ate it. If the man keeps doing stuff like that I don't care if they give him nightly pedicures in the Hilton. Just keep showing me the craziness he tries.

I don't know if you knew this but turtle's blood is a fantastic drink. Your urine is awesome when you're out of water. Oh and there are plants that are just as deadly as some snakes. He's just an adventurous soul with a camera crew to capture it all.

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