Tuesday, October 28, 2008



One of the most exciting nights in America is election night. Especially in a Presidential year. Well for those who actually care about politics. Personally, I prefer the day the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue comes out. Don't try to get ahold of me that day. Come to think of it I would prefer seeing Sarah Palin lying seductively on a beach in a two piece than in politics. But I digress.

The point is that election night is a huge event and we can take advantage of it by having drinking games, especially since seemingly all sports are preempted that day. Or if you happen to think election night is exciting by itself, you're more than welcome to join the festivities as well.


1. A few friends to watch the coverage with preferably.

2. Make sure you have a TV to watch the results ... duh!

3. Have plenty of beer and some liquor for shots.

4. Pick a candidate you are rooting for. If you actually voted - you must pick the person you voted for. If not pick somone to root for based on another factor.

5. Have some coffee or Red Bull ready. A close election could stretch until the wee hours of the morning and to continue drinking you may need a pick me up. Or you could do Jaeger Bombs for the required shots to kill two birds with one stone.


1. Celebration

- Clink glasses with fellow supporters and drink 5 seconds when a state is called by your candidate.

2. Mourning

- Stew, swear under your breath, hang your head in shame and take a 7 second drink when a state is called for the other candidate.

3. Battleground

- Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada are all considered battleground states this fall. To illustrate their enhanced importance, drink 7 seconds to celebrate your candidate winning one of these states and 10 if they lose one.

4. Milestones

- Take a shot of your favorite liquor when your candidate surpasses 100, 200, and if applicable, 300 electoral votes.

5. Over The Top

- When a candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, you must drink one second for each electoral vote the state carries. In addition if it is your candidate ... take a shot to celebrate. If it's not your candidate, finish the rest of your beer and take a shot.

6. Flip-Flop

- You're about to find out that flip-flops can be more devastating to you than John Kerry. If a news organization calls a state for one candidate or from one of the Senate races listed below and then reverses their decision, you must chug what's left of your beer and take a shot.

7. Close Senate Races

- Let's not focus completely on the Presidential candidates. Selected Senate races: Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Oregon. Drink 3 seconds to celebrate when a member of your presidential candidates party wins, 5 seconds to mourn if they lose.

8. Local Races

- Do you even know your current house rep? If you need to look it up, you owe a 10 second penalty drink. If your choice for the House wins, drink 5 seconds to celebrate, 10 seconds to mourn if they lose. Same rules apply for your local Senator and Governor. If no Senator or Governor from your state are up for reelection, you owe nothing. Bully for you!

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