Monday, December 15, 2008

Irish Road Head: Lauren (Lo) Bosworth

A lot has been made about the girls on the Hills. People love Lauren Conrad 'cause she's the star. Everyone loves Whitney Port because she's tall, smart and classy. Some love Audrina Patridge because she's been naked. Everyone loves Heidi Montag because she got fake boobies ... well ... actually nobody likes her or that ass-clown of a boyfriend (husband?) that follows her around with his creepy uni-bomber-esque beard. But the girl who often gets lost in the shuffle is my personal favorite Lauren Bosworth, or 'Lo' as she's called on the show (don't ask me why I watch the show ... you know you freakin' watch it too, douche bag).

The facts are except for maybe Whitney, Lo has the best personality out of the chicks on the show. She's probably the smartest and she definitely has the most common sense out of the girls. In fact her common sense level seems to be abnormally high for any female. Unfortunately she's a grad of UCLA but hey at least there's some Pitt ties there (Ben Howland). If you like nothing else about her she was the girl that gave that retard 'Justin Bobby' his nickname and pissed him off in doing so. But enough about the other retards on the show. We're here to fawn over the under-rated hottie Lo.

The 22 year old, while without her own spin-off, is without a doubt the most entertaining person on her best friend's 'reality show'. She's quick witted and that's why the producers do the best to give her as little air time as possible. It wouldn't be entertainment if somebody smart was to expose the rest of the ladies for how dumb they really are. It's too bad ... because shots of her like these really get our motor going.

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Anonymous said...

Lo is tops!! Smart, loyal and funny. I know we'll se more of Lo in the months to come.