Tuesday, January 27, 2009

43 Greatest Beer Commercials (Part 2)

100th Post!!!

Finally! After all of the hard work on this we are pleased to bring you the top 20 of the 43 Greatest Beer Commercials. Once again for our Arizona readers we've placed the numbers in parentheses so that they may understand the corresponding Roman numeral. So to celebrate our 100th Post and Super Bowl 43 without further ado here's 20 thru 1.

XX (20) Red Stripe “Helping white people dance”

XIX (19) Bud Light Swear Jar

XVIII (18) Bud Light “70’s Night”

XVII (17) Miller Lite “Man Law – Tuck Rule”

XVI (16) Red Stripe “Take his pants”

XV (15) Bud Light “Dude”

XIV (14) Bud Light “I love you man”

XIII (13) Heineken – “Perfect Gentleman”

XII (12) Guinness “Brilliant”

XI (11) Bud Light “Pilot jumps”

X (10) Budweiser “Horse kicks field goal – use to go for two”

IX (9) Bud Light “But he has an ax”

VIII (8) Guinness “Domino”

VII (7) Carlton “Shed”

VI (6) Coors Light “Jim Mora – Playoffs”

V (5) Heineken - Me and You (Jen Aniston)

IV (4) Budweiser “Whazzup”

III (3) Budweiser “Frogs”

II (2) Miller Lite “That’s my sister”

I (1) Miller Lite “Catfight: Great taste vs. Less filling”


Kate said...

"helping our white friends dance for over 70 years" is my favorite quote out of these. hysterical. just found this article on the superbowl beer ads, should be a good year.

Anonymous said...

Two Great commercials of recent times:

and Cheers Beer


Dr. Sports Fan said...

You've also got to love Ladies Night !

Anonymous said...

This one is also great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0LgJo9Do-8&feature=channel_page

Anonymous said...

What about the truly greatest beer commercial of the last twenty five years which hasn't been made public for 24 of those years?

Opening scene - pre-season training camp, newbies vs. veterans. Focus on a clean shaven newbie: "I was a seventh round draft pick . . .from a no name school . . . I'm lucky to be here . . THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW MY NAME." He falls for a veteran's trick. And then he gets up and DOMINATES!

Does anyone even remember this commercial? Has it ever appeared in the last 25 years? An irish pound (now a collector's item) and a large lager to whoever can find this and post this on Youtube!


I'll be checking . . .

Anonymous said...

You left out this fantastic ad in Australia about Aussies vs Kiwis (New Zealanders)


Anonymous said...