Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jag-Off(s) of the Day: Bob Smizik, The Mayor of Phoenix, and Sports Illustrated's Jacob E. Osterhout

Bob Smizik

Let's start with one of the originator's of the Jag-Off posts Mr. Bob Smizik. We hated on Mr. Smizik when we named him #8 on our Top Ten Pittsburgh Jag-Off list after he called us knuckleheads for booing that mercenary Marion Hossa. Then a week later Runhigh smashes the hell out of the 'Man with pubic hair on his head' after Smizik made a pre-season prediction that the Steelers D was over the hill and running on fumes. He then said that they'd only win 9 games and that would win the division. Good call idiot.

We thought that we saw the last of that moron when he retired (got pushed out) a few weeks ago. Unfortunately they still let him blog for the Post Gazette. This time he instantly calls out Pittsburgh fans as uneducated and says that the majority of us have already ruled the Cardinals out of the Super Bowl. He doesn't neglect to add his own superior opinion to the blog saying he is unlike all Pittsburghers and knows better. Well there Bobby we know of your vast genius and knowledge of football thanks to those early season predictions. Unfortunately you forgot that Pittsburghers are THE smartest fans in football. We know how hot teams can get and how they can make impressive runs come playoff time thanks to our very own '05 Steelers and last year's Super Bowl Champions, the Giants. We understand the realities of not underestimating a 9-7 team because we know our history and remember the 1980 Super Bowl team that had to make a late comeback to beat the 9-7 Rams. To think that we don't remember our own Steeler Super Bowl history is asinine. Seriously, we of all fans know that any team can claim victory on any given Sunday. Like I said, Pittsburghers are THE smartest fans in football. There is no debate. So trust us, we aren't under estimating the Cardinals. We're just confident that our team, our 'over the hill running on fumes' defense, can pull off the victory and bring home a record 6th Lombardi Trophy. Mr. Smizik you are officially a grade A Jag-Off.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon

I don't know if you got the memo chief or if you just hate your city that much but disrespecting the Terrible Towel curses your team. And when you let people capture it on film you are just another Jag-Off in a pool of retards. Stomp on the symbol of Steeler Country, the symbol of our pride, love for our team and a symbol who's profits go to charity and the curse is placed upon your football squad. I know you tried to apologize but you can't take back that which is done. You are now an unclassy Jag-Off! Enjoy second place.

Sorry Bro' but the Steelers are going to kick the living piss out of your Cardinals

Jacob E. Osterhout

Okay, Okay, Okay so this one may be a bit of a stretch but I just gotta throw this one out there: Jakey, You're about two months too late with your Storm the Court article. Yours truly not only hated on people who unnecessarily storm the field/court and took it a more impressive step further by creating rules. You .... didn't. Go take your Zack Morris outfit to your local gay bar and suck it! You've been declared an Irish Road Jag-Off!

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