Monday, January 26, 2009

43 Greatest Beer Commercials

In honor of the upcoming Superbowl we've decided to bring you 43 of the greatest beer commercials ever created. Much time and effort went into narrowing down quite a few commercials into the 43 that we've posted. Many friends and co-workers were consulted to bring this list so enjoy! It wasn't just funny commercials but clever and well thought out ones that also made it. Oh ... and for those of you reading from Arizona fear not ... we've put the numbers in parentheses so that you can figure out which Roman numeral stands for which one you're at. Here is 43-21!

XLIII (43) Bud Light “Who’s Todd Schizzler”

XLII (42) Green King IPA “Cheating Death”

XLI (41) Carlton Beer “It’s a Big Ad”

XL (40) Miller Lite “Kung Fu”

XXXIX (39) Miller Lite “I think we’ve got a fourth”

XXXVIII (38) Guiness “Rhythem of Life” (evolution)

XXXVII(37) Budweiser “Lizards”

XXXVI (36) Bud Light “Cut the Cheese”

XXXV (35) Bud Light “Magic Fridge”

XXXIV (34) Bud Light “Wardrobe Malfunction”

XXXIII (33) Keystone Light “Blue Tooth”

XXXII (32) Bud Light “Ability to talk to animals”

XXXI (31) Budweiser “Streaker”

XXX (30) Coors Light “Jim Mora Random Triangles

XXIX (29) Bud Light “What would Carlos Do”

XXVIII (28) Bud Light “Wasabi”

XXVII (27) Red Stripe “Beautiful man”

XXVI (26) Bud Light “Bad Dog”

XXV (25) Carling Beer “Just the two of us”

XXIV (24) Bud Light “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

XXIII (23) Pure Blonde Beer “From a place much more pure than yours”

XXII (22) Guinness “Share one with a friend”

XXI (21) Heineken “I love your sister”

Part 2 (1-20)