Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jag-Off of the Day: Dan Potash

In what we hope will be a recurring thing here my cousin Jesse came up with a request that we do more posts about the Jag-Offs of the world. What would be more fitting than starting that off with the FSN douchbag who decided he would openly cheer for the Chargers this week? Well Mr. Dan Potash here's to you and all of the ass that you've sucked to get to a real city like Pittsburgh and away from North Mexico ... I mean Southern California.

But then you just have to go ahead and trash talk the beloved Steelers when you find out they are playing your San Diego (aka: A Whale's Vagina) Chargers.

I'm all for cheering on your hometown team. And more power to you when you do it in opponents territory. But don't try being a Pittsburgh media [lack of] personality and openly cheer on our biggest opponent of the year up to this point.

Oh yeah .... How could I leave this one out. Anyone who's a Pens fan in Pittsburgh is sick of you and your lack of talent, cheesy personality, crap 'Pens on FSN' commercials that they show 743 freakin times during each Pens game. You know, the one where this idiot is interviewing an actual Penguin while it's in it's aquarium? One word to describe your performance Dan: GAY!

In all respect Dan .... you're okay .... But seriously .... You're Chargers are goin' down!

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Muldo said...

Dan Potash is smarter, and more successful than you'll ever be. And he's one hell of a nice guy. God forbid anyone cheer on another team besides the Steelers.

And, believe it or not, there are more people that move from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles than vice-versa.