Saturday, January 31, 2009

Football Drinking Rules: Super Bowl Update!

With Super Bowl XLIII Right around the corner we realized that we should probably revamp the Football drinking rules to be a little more relevant to the Big Game. We kept most of the
rules the same since they will still be relevant but had a few changes.

Change 1: The Manning Rule is now the Family Rule

Whenever NBC shows Larry Fitzgerald's Dad or Brenda Warner take a 5 second drink.

Change 2: The Eddie Guns rule is now 'The Boss' Rule

Whenever the announcers mention Bruce Springsteen or The Boss you have to drink for 5 seconds.

Change 3: The King Social is now The Car Commercial Social
Whenever they show a car commercial drink for 5 seconds.

Bonus Super Bowl Rule: Skyline Rule
Every time NBC shows a shot of the City of Tampa, or as we like to refer to it this week, Steeler Country-South, take a 5 second drink.
Here We Go Steelers! And Enjoy!

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