Sunday, January 18, 2009

NFL PICKS: Conference Finals

It's been a busy week here for us On Irish Road. It seems like me and the boys are working non-stop and haven't had too much time to put up good posts for you the readers. Our New Years Resolution is to bring you the greatest of posts. Look forward for one from Irish Road soon to celebrate our 100th post. Me? I'm just going to make sure that the old reliable NFL picks are up. I'll promise to tell you less and less to bet the house on the Panthers. We all know how well that worked last week. We get to look forward to a Super Bowl that may possibly contain nothing but the Keystone State. Pittsburgh took the last Battle for PA last year when the Flyers were demolished by the Pens. Lets hope that Pittsburgh trend will continue if the two cities square off in the Super Bowl. On to the Picks!


Philadelphia Eagles (-1) at Arizona Cardinals
First thing out of Runhigh's mouth last week after the Panthers-Cards game: "How could you pick against your sleeper?!?" I don't know dude .... the same way the entire nation (outside of Phoenix) picked against them. Seriously ... where did that effort come from? I hate to say this ... but they aren't winning this week. It's been a surprisingly impressive run for them but the Eagles are going to win this game. And if not .... Hey .... they're my sleeper!
Eagles -1

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (-2)
This is Steeler Country! This is most likely the real Super Bowl today. The two toughest teams are squaring off in Heinz Field in the cold and snow. It will be the top two defenses in the league. The toughest linebackers. The hardest hitting secondary. The most punishing wide receiver. The best tight ends. It will be a great game. And it will end with the Steelers on top in grand fashion. Steelers win 20-3.
Steelers -2

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