Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL PICKS: Divisional Playoffs

International Airspace is Steeler Country

I started the Playoffs off a dismal 2-2 but hey, My NFC Sleeper won!!! This week should provide nothing but great matchups across the board with the exception of one game. The Panthers against the Cards. Enough of that .... On to the Picks!

Baltimore Ravens (-1) at Tennessee Titans
This game astounds me. Not the fact that it's two tough teams squaring off. Not the fact that the Ravens, the team with the lesser record, the team on the road, and the team with a rookie QB is favored to win. No the thing that astounds me is that this game is the early game when it's going to be a much better matchup than the later game. Is the NFL doing that well that they don't care about ratings? That all being said I really am trying to figure out what Vegas knows that they are placing the favorite tag on the Ravens. I just have a feeling that the Titan offense is going to figure out a way to beat the defense well today. And I bet the score is a little higher than the 13-10 one the Titans beat the Ravens by in week 5. Good matchup ... plenty of big moments. Titans win 21-17.
Titans +1
Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers (-5.5)
There is no way the Cardinals win this one. Bet the house. I repeat there is no way the Cardinals win this one. Now that I've got this out of the way let me tell you why they will win. Boldin is hurt and Larry Fitzgerald is going to line up in his place. The Panthers don't have anyone that can effectively cover him. This will lead to at least 3 TD's by Warner and Co. Outside of that though they have nothing. So I'll tell you why the Panthers are the lock to actually win. Steve Smith. Enough said. He will be the game changer. The Panthers offense will look like the '99 Rams Greatest Show on turf. I believe the Cards have never won on the East Coast. There's some crazy stat like that. This one is for Carolina, 38-24.
Panthers -5.5
Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (-1.5)
I don't know what you can say about this one. The third meeting between these two teams this season. The Giants won the first meeting in a high scoring affair. The Eagles won the last one post-Plaxico in a lower scoring contest. The Giants have looked like an offense without a great weapon. I don't think they're capable of putting up much more than 20 against the Eagles who have been the hottest team in the NFC. I like this game to be extremely close. Eagles 24-21.
Eagles +1.5
San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5)
I've been waiting for this since the '94 AFC title match when the Steelers who were heavy favorites lost to the Chargers at home. Call this a redemption game. The Chargers are coming in to some fine Pittsburgh weather. Game Time temperature is expected to be a beautiful 25 degrees and feel like it's 15. Maybe even colder down on the field. Welcome to Steel Town! Sproles will be taken care of by the linebackers. Gates won't be a problem for the secondary and Ike Taylor will control Jackson while Harrison and Woodley make that douchebag Philip Rivers look up from his backside all game. We just need a little help from the offense (and receiving core will come through in this big game) and all will be well. The Steelers win 24-10.
Steelers -2.5


laclips said...

So far... 0 for 1. I agree with you on the Carolina game but as I write this they trail 17-7. That's why I quit betting on the NFL years ago. Now it's just WNBA games for me.

NightHawk said...

Seriously ... when did the Cards figure out how to play defense???? Is this Bizarro Saturday? Thank God Sunday turned out for the best! Let's go Steelers!