Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Omen

All signs point to yes this Super Bowl Sunday. Are we as Steeler Country overconfident? As I pointed out yesterday in lambasting Bob Smizik we are THE smartest fans in football. We have deep faith and belief in our Pittsburgh Steelers as we always do. But this year it's backed by one of the greatest defenses in football history, an offense that always finds a way and a fantastic coaching core. So our confidence is grounded in our great football educated ways.

One thing that has been established this season is that under no circumstances as an opponent of the Steelers should you EVER disrespect the Terrible Towel. It's just come back to haunt that team every time. So of course Mayor Gordon of Phoenix, AZ just had to go and use it as a Kleenex before stomping on it a little. Good move chump! Let's call it stupidity. Let's call misguided enthusiasm for your team. Let's call it the Curse of Myron Cope!

You think the legendary broadcaster and one of the most beloved man in Steeler history is going to let you do that without getting you back? Good luck dodging that wave of the Towel!

Speaking of Cope everybody has been trying to figure out the rallying point of the Steelers this Super Bowl. In 2005 we had Bettis in his final season and playing in his hometown. In 2006 we saw the Colts try to win one for Dungy and Peyton Manning. 2007 the Giants used an injured military vet as locker room motivation and won for him and linebacker Michael Strahan. This season the answer seems so obvious: Do it for Cope! When Myron Cope, our favorite football broadcaster, passed it was one of the saddest days in Steeler Country. But we have been playing with an unprecedented fire this year and part of me believes that God's newest broadcaster is having a watchful eye from above for this. So let's win it for Myron Cope and pray that we see this image on Sunday night:

But as I said before, all signs point to yes! Thirty years ago a dominant defense played it's division rival for a third time that season in the AFC title game. That team was the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers. Their opponent was the 11-5 Houston Oilers. They prevailed in a 27-13 victory to advance to the Super Bowl against an upstart 9-7 NFC team.

This year the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 12-4 record faced off against their division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, for a third time also. The Ravens like the Oilers were 11-5 during the regular season. The Steelers prevailed 23-14 and will face an upstart Arizona Cardinals who also bring a 9-7 record. These my friends are Good Omens.

The 1979 Steelers prevailed in the Super Bowl to claim their, then NFL record, 4th Super Bowl title. History often repeats itself. And for the Steelers that means another ring, another Lombardi Trophy, and another notch above the rest of the National Football League.

My prediction? Like that Superbowl long ago, another close 3 quarters with the greater defense and ultimately the greater team, the Steelers, pulling away in the 4th.

Steelers 30-17.

MVP: Troy Polamalu.

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