Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bromance, A Salute to Manly Men: Army Rangers

For as long as I can remember Army Rangers have been my heroes. The Spearhead of Special Forces Operations as they are sometimes called have been around throughout the Army's history in some form or another. They are the few who dare to volunteer for things that others are afraid of. They are men who would risk everything to give a fellow soldier a chance at living.

The best of the best and they are portrayed in many of the Hollywood movies we love. It was the 2nd Rangers who stormed Omaha Beach in the movie Saving Private Ryan. In the Great Raid we watched the 6th Rangers liberate U.S. POW's in the Philippines. And in the movie Black Hawk Down we see the 75th Rangers attempting a dangerous mission and the amazing and relentless courage they display when all hell breaks loose in Mogadishu after two Black Hawk helicopters are shot down.

These are not mere Hollywood dramatizations. These are based on actual events but will always fail to capture the toughness, the heroism, and the amazing patriotism of the men who proudly call themselves Army Rangers.

So a salute to the Army Rangers, Brothers who share a bond the average person will never understand.

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