Friday, November 28, 2008

Storm the Field

A sad trend has been sweeping the college nation recently. This trend is storming the field after your team wins. I know storming the field has been around forever but until recently it seems it was reserved for special occasions. Now it seems that anybody who goes and watches a game feels they deserve to run onto the field if their team winds up victorious. There has been way too much of it. With the help of Runhigh we've compiled rules to storming the field. As an added bonus we've thrown in the Cooler Dump rules to help the players figure out when it's appropriate to drench their coach with Gatorade.

Higher Ranked

This is probably the most important rule of them all. That's why it's listed first and it should be noted that it supersedes all other rules for storming the field. Runhigh brought it up at the end of the Pitt vs. Cincinnati game. Pitt ranked #20 was losing to Cincy who was ranked #19. Pitt was trying to score on the last play but the idiots in Cincinnati kept running onto the field and stopping play. The game finally ended and those morons ran back onto the field (for the 3rd freaking time). Meanwhile Runhigh had been shouting for the previous ten minutes "You idiots! You can't storm the field when you're ranked higher than your opponent!" Good point! No storming the field when Your opponent is a ranked lower than you!

The Damn Game's Not Over!
Let's face it. There are some dumb fans. They mostly come from Cincinnati and south of the Mason Dixon line. So please wait until the clock reads all zeros before you start going crazy.

Rivalry Game

During a rivalry game It's acceptable to Storm the field. The only exception are the previous rules. This brought up another question though. Do you storm the field on an opponents turf? I said no .... my reasons were for your own safety and because it's disrespectful. Runhigh says if you have enough fans with you why the hell not? So storm at your own discretion if you're a visiting fan.

Ranked Team vs. Ranked Team

Say two ranked opponents square off? Obviously the higher ranked team's fans can't storm the field for any reason. The lower ranked team? They can only storm the field if they are at least 10 spots below them. The only exception? If your school has never beaten a Top 5 team and you aren't ranked in the Top 5 yourself. Or if you've never beaten a Top 10 team and you're not a Top 10 team. After that you have to observe at least a difference of 10 spots in the rankings.

Significant Victory

If there is a significant victory in the school's history than it's alright to take the field. Victories include the first conference title in the school's history. Once again this rule is overridden by the Higher Ranking rule.


Like fans storming the field the team's players need to know when it's appropriate to dump the cooler on the Coach because let's face it there's more athletes on the field than 'Student-Athletes'. All of the Storming the Field rules apply to drenching the Coach with these additions.

Milestone Victory

If your Coach has reaches a milestone in his career it's perfectly acceptable to drench his with a cooler of your favorite sports drink. Milestones include 100th victory or First Bowl win. If you're ranked higher and he achieves his milestone it's still okay to drench him but your fans have to stay in the stands.

Bowl Game Victory

Last game of the year. It's a Bowl Game. Your team wins. The coach needs to be wet. Especially if the temperature is below 40 degrees. Dump two on him if it's below 20!

Game's Not Over (Part 2)

How many times have you seen a bunch of dumb athletes throw some Gatorade on their coach when they are only up by 7 and there's over 2 minutes left in the game? I can probably count at least 5+ times that I've seen it and watched the other team come back to tie or win it outright.
-If you're up by 3 scores with under 4 minutes go ahead. The other team is almost never going to pull that off.
-If you're ahead by two scores (note to the athletes: 8 pts is not two scores) with under two minutes left then it's okay to go wild.
-Finally, if you're ahead with under a minute and you're kneeling on the ball than it's cool to throw some water on the Coach.

Let's get it right. Too many fans and players have looked pretty retarded lately.


Anonymous said...

Only reason Cincy fans rushed the field was b/c they had never beaten Pitt before

Anonymous said...

Lame. All you did was bust Cincy's nuts for the first three points without considering that they beat Pitt for the first time in 8 tries and essentially clinched their first Big East Title and first BCS game in school history.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the blogger. I attended the FCS Championship Game last year between App State and Delaware as a photographer for UD's paper. I went to the press box with 5 minutes left to avoid the stampede of fans (which I didn't mind). But when I got up to the press box with 3 whole minutes left they already rushed the field! While I don't mind fans rushing the field after a championship win, even in a blow out (which it was), let the game finish!

Anonymous said...

Good rules, too bad some idiots don't have a little common sense. However, the shot at those of us below the mason-dixon line was unwarrented. Down here half the games are big games/rivalry games. (and so far this season the unneccesary rushings have all been up north - Cinci, Oregon State)

Runhigh said...

The comment on people below the Mason-Dixon line was most certainly warranted because you misspelled unwarranted in your post.

There is only one 'E', not 2 in unwarranted dumbass, although I bet you saw plenty of them on your report cards.

Have fun serving me my dinner at Bojangles next time I'm down South dumbass.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention tech as unneccesary rushing of the field.

Ed said...

I was at the UC game vs. Pitt and the next week's game vs. Syracuse. Fans rushed both times. You've got to make a Cincinnati exception to the rules. Most of these fans were infants the last time that Cincinnati Sports fans had any reason to celebrate (the 1990 World Series) and baseball wins don't exactly prepare you for the Bearcats actually winning exciting football games. Plus we have the Bengals. We deserve a Cincinnati exception (at least until we win the Big East again).

Don Delaware said...

A prime example of both "do not storm the field until the clock reads 0" and "do not gatorade the coach until the clock reads 0" would be the 2003 LSU at Kentucky game. JaMarcus Russell's 75 yard hail mary won the game while Wildcat players had already dunked the coach and fans were already tearing down the goalpost in the opposite endzone

Anonymous said...

Runhigh is just pissed because Cincinnati beat the fuck out of his shitty ass Pitt team with their fourth team quarterback. I hope "Wannstache" stays at Pitt forever.

Irish Road said...

... And another Cincinnati fan opens his mouth and shows how dumb he is. You guys must be brand new to winning football games if you think that winning by 7 is beating the fuck out of a team. But I guess you haven't really had a pro team to show you what victories look like so maybe I'll let you slide a little. And if you're ranked higher than another team doesn't that mean you SHOULD BEAT THEM?!? Congrats on winning the Big East. Don't storm the field for beating a team you should beat. Now if you win in the BCS bowl game you should storm the field because you'll most likely be playing a team who's actually going to beat the fuck out of you.

Runhigh said...

Ed, sorry but there is no Cincinnati exception to the rules.

However, we would be willing to make an exception if your fans had lets say, run train on Erin Andrews after the game.

FYI, that goes for any school.

Anonymous said...

Irish did you watch the game? Are you a Pitt or WVA fan or something? Have fun in the International Bowl! Go Cry :(

Irish Road said...

Yes I watched the game. 28-21 isn't getting beat bad by any standards. If the Pitt QB didn't hand you a few scores you'd still be winless against Pitt. Oh and it's the Wal-Mart Intramural Team.Com Bowl Bitch! Get it right!

CAA Man said...

Heres a situation:
My school was on an 18-game losing streak. We won an away game with 20 seconds left to play..OK to storm field?

Irish Road said...

Well the rules state that visiting fans should storm an opponent's field at their own discretion. I'm guessing that if your team was on an 18 game losing streak you weren't the favorite in the game. So yeah ... you should have definitely stormed the field!

CAA Man said...

good because we did :)