Thursday, September 4, 2008

Football Drinking Rules

There's nothing more American than watching football. Unless it's watching football while drinking. Here On Irish Road we dare to take it to the next level. While our teams are competing to bring glory to our hometown we can show our support by challenging ourselves to drink better than we ever have by establishing drinking rules. The Continuation Rule once again applies in certain situations marked by the triple asterisk ***. Some Rules won't apply to every game but may serve as a model for a new rule so no drinking is lost.

1. The Manning Rule - Anytime someone from the Manning Family is shown or referenced you must drink for 5 seconds. *** Continuation Rule

2. Ed "Eddie Guns" Hochuli Rule - Anytime you see the Hoch and his guns you gotta drink for 5 seconds.

3. First Down - When either team earns a first down drink for 3 seconds.

4. The 20 yard Rule - Any play that goes for 20 yards or more equals a 5 second drink. Don't forget to add 3 seconds for the First down!

5. The 50 yard Rule - Any play that goes for 50 yards or more equals a 10 second drink. Add 3 more for the first down!

6. Turnover - Whenever either team commits a turnover finish half of your beer. Remember to add any other rules that apply (20 yard, 50 yard, points).

7. Scoring Rule - Drink 1 second for every point scored (not the total score, just on the current play).

8. Safety Rule - Safeties kick ass! If your Defense is awesome enough to earn one you get to drink a whole beer. Don't forget to drink 2 seconds extra for the points!

9. Runback Rule - Anytime somebody returns a kick or a punt for a touchdown you finish your beer. This supersedes the points rule. You don't have to drink extra for the points.

10. You Got Jacked! - On any big hit that invokes a reaction from the group deserves a 3 second drink. The majority must vote it a big hit.

11. Penalty Rule - Whenever your team (or team rooting for) gets a penalty you must drink one second for every yard. If the penalty is over 20 yards then you must finish your beer.

12. The King Social - If the Burger King appears then you drink for 10 seconds.

13. Beer Commercials - Anytime you see a beer commercial or beer is plugged you have to drink 5 seconds.
14. Cheerleader Social - Drink the entire time the cameras are trained on the cheerleaders.

15. Maddenisms -
If John Madden is announcing you have to drink 5 seconds whenever he utters a classic Maddenism. If a quote is disputed it must be voted by the majority of the group.
Note: If Brett Favre is mentioned instantly drink.
16. Winners and Losers - If your team wins Finish your beer and take a celebratory shot! If your team loses Finish your beer, chug a full beer and then take a shot to drown away your misery.
And always listen to the wise words of Joe Pa!

Enjoy! And happy Drinking!
Thanks to Runhigh for contributions to the rules.


Chris said...

excellent work. playing it right now!

bit of feedback-what about a rule for video replays? we drank for a 20 yd touchdown, only to have it overturned by replay!

Irish Road said...

Rule on the field must stand. If it gets overturned you just drank for pleasure. But isn't that the point in the first place? Much like Herm Edwards "You play to win the game" when you play a drinking game you 'Play to get drunk!'