Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tom Cruise Drinking Games

Here On Irish Road we love all things that require alcohol and games. Occasionally we'll provide you with some of the more fun drinking games that we've come up with. The rules are simple. Drink. Well okay ... they're a little more complicated than that but not by much. I'll delay no further
We have officially started drinking games to Tom Cruise movies. Before it was a funny coincidence. Now We're trying to Create rules to his movies. But, when you think about it, it only makes sense to get retarded drunk to someone who is the biggest proponent of Scientology, a retardedly stupid religion*. [That's right, I asterisked it bitches!!!]

***NOTE - Rules marked with 3 asterisks are Continuation Rules. The Continuation Rule states that anytime drinking rules occur back to back you must wait to drink until you find out how many are compiled. Then you drink 2 seconds of beer for every rule. I.E.-if 4 rules occur within a 10 second period you wouldn't drink 3 then 3 then 3 then 3. You'd wait. Count all the rules and then drink one 8 second gulp. Thus ensuring your sanity and kidneys. Trust me ... This happens a lot and you'd kill yourself if you'd try and keep up. This rule is also useful if you have losers who try to get out of drinking what they owe by drinking like five seconds worth of beer when they owe 12 seconds. Thus the 'CONTINUATION RULE'.


1. Drink 3 seconds every time a Call Sign [i.e.-Goose, Maverick, Iceman] is said. If such call sign is abbreviated DO NOT DRINK. Trust me on this one. Mav is said in place of Maverick like 723 times. That saves you about 2 cases of beer ... Per person.***CONTINUATION RULE

2. Take a shot [your choice - mine is vodka] or finish your beer every time they do a fly-by.


1. Drink 3 seconds every time they say 'Code Red'.***CONTINUATION RULE

2. Drink 3 seconds every time they say the full rank. [It is always useful to have a military person present to point out when they use abbreviations or shortened words for the rank i.e. - When they refer to the Marines as Commander that is their position not their rank but when they refer to the Navy as Commander that is their rank]***CONTINUATION RULE

3. Finish your drink or take a shot when you see Tom Cruise holding a bat. [if you are stupid like Myself and Runhigh and you own a beer boot ... And such mentioned boot is used during a drinking game DO NOT FINISH BEER FOR THIS RULE. Do yourself a favor and just drink the equivalent of 1 beer].


1. Drink 3 seconds every time the Cars "Trade Paint"***CONTINUATION RULE

2. Drink 3 seconds every time a lap count is mentioned or Laps left are mentioned.***CONTINUATION RULE
3. Take a shot when Rowdy's girlfriend calls Cole Trickle "Tom".

Got a drinking game you'd like to see posted? Want us to create a drinking game to something for you? Email us and let us know!
A special thanks to Runhigh for contribution of drinking and perfecting rules to the game. A normal thanks to Big Country for attempting to drink but failing miserably and thus forcing us to create the Continuation Rule so he would drink more.
Coming Soon: Football Drinking Rules!

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