Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And The Home of the Brave .... Of The Brave .... of the Braaaaave

So how many people watched the Monday Night Football game? I know I did. And man was I shocked at the crap that went on. There was a hell of a lot of 'moments' during this one. It seems like everyone has a favorite be it the DeSean Jackson celebrating by dropping the ball at the one (and the fact that none of the defenders paid attention to it and picked up the football). The 27 fumbles between Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook (Brian what happened you looked like gold in the first half). Tony Romo's impression of Jay Cutler in the end zone effectively handing the Eagles Defense a touchdown. My favorite gaff, however, came before the opening kickoff when a relatively unknown artist named Kat DeLuna horribly butchered the national anthem. Thanks whore. Way to chop down some American pride. The fact that this girl thought she was doing us a favor by being there just made her image that much worse. Seriously, nobody thought you were sexy because you were trying to Diva up the National Anthem. At best you were a pathetic excuse to not try and book a real artist. I love how they introduced her though, calling her a "Pop sensation". Nobody has ever heard of her. Sensation? The national Anthem isn't about trying to impress America with your own vocal range. It's about singing the song for pride of your own country. Honestly I'd rather listen to Carl Lewis sing the Anthem again than that crap. The only time I have ever been happy about a Texas crowd was at the conclusion of her singing when the Cowboy fans booed the hell out of her. The fact that she was waving her hand around and giving the diva head bob the whole performance just added to the fact that this song was in the toilet before it was over. She took every opportunity to extend the song that she had, probably to keep the spotlight on her longer than should have been. If this girl is a "pop sensation" that must mean Paris Hilton is a musical genius after her album. In retrospect I'm going to ask for those 5 minutes back before I die.

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