Thursday, September 18, 2008


After another up and down week I'm back for week three. I've learned a few things so far:
-The Lions once again almost messed things up royally for me last week.
-It looks as if the Panthers are the real thing this year (which means they'll suck again next year).
-The Chicago Defense is back and should battle the Packers for the NFC North.
-The Vikings are looking more overrated by the week.
-The NFC is slowly becoming the stronger conference due to some key AFC injuries and another slow start from the Chargers.
-And Finally the Monday night announcing crew of Jaws, Tirico, and Kornheiser (or Cornholio as we call him here) may be the worse crew of all time. Listening to them actually makes you want to hear the dumb crap that John Madden says on Sunday nights. They almost screwed up one of the best Monday Night Games ever . . . almost.
-Oh ... and lastly but most importantly ... I KICK ASS! No seriously. After an 11-4 week I deserve to say I rule .... I've got to go knock on wood now so that karma doesn't come back and kill me this week.

On to the Picks!

Kansas City Chiefs at Atlanta Falcons (-4)
I realize that 'Don't bet on the Falcons' applies here. But this is the Chiefs. The Chiefs who lost to the Raiders in Arrowhead Stadium. I hate this one. It's a battle between two of the bottom 5 teams in the league and one is getting 4 points. I think Matt Ryan will have enough with the Atlanta crowd behind him.
Falcons -4
Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills (-7)
Too easy. The Bills defense is far superior to the Raiders offense (who showed some improvement last week). The Bills offense is Superior to the Raiders ... um ... do they have a defense? Anyways, put the game in Orchard Park and you've got a double digit victory. I'll take the Bills.
Bills -7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (-3.5)
The Bears have a 'Game Manager' on offense. Kyle 'My beard is out of control' Orton does just enough to not blow the game for the Bears. This would be tough against the more skilled teams when you need a play or two down the stretch to win. But against the average and weak teams it will be enough for their defense to win. The Bucs need to pull together more if they expect to make the playoffs this year with the Saints and Panthers both showing some solid play. Give me da' Bears.
Bear -3.5
Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans (-3.5)
The Titans looked pretty solid with Collins at the helm. Of course you've got to account for the fact that it was against the Cinncy Bungals. The Texans, although not needed, received a Bye week to rest. You can bet that their defense is hungry for an old QB who can't scramble around much. They'll get to Collins early and often and make it a long day for the home crowd. The Texans upset.
Texans +3.5
Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings (Even)
The Panthers are the real deal this year and this week a speedy, sure-handed Steve Smith comes back ready to put up some big stats. The Vikings couldn't hold a 15 point lead in the fourth quarter against the weakened Colts last week. I can't imagine how they will stop the Panthers. I think Carolina's D will have enough to hold off Adrian Peterson and ... um ... well whoever the hell is taking snaps this week.
Carolina wins.
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (-10.5)
Dolphins at Patriots? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What was that Joey Porter was spouting about victories this week? Who cares? Patriots in a laugher.
Patriots -10.5
Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants (-10.5)
Bungals at Giants? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All the name changing in the world will not help the other AFC loud mouth Chad Ocho Cinco. Giants in a laugher.
Giants -10.5
Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins (-1)
The 'Skins showed a lot of heart last week by coming back on the Saints. I really like how their defense is starting to come around. The Cardinals, my NFC sleeper, put their boot down on the weaklings of the AFC last weak. The Warner-Boldin hookup is looking sexy this year and the 'Edge' seems to be back in form. I like this matchup for the Cards.
Cardinals +1
Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49'ers (-2.5)
What can you say? Some weeks you just get a few Bottom of the Barrel matchups. The 49'ers beat an unbelievably disappointing Seahawks team while the Lions came back against the Packers only to blow it again. Honestly I don't know who to take in this one (I never did claim to be an expert). I love a good upset so let's go with the Lions this week.
Lions +2.5
St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks (-6)
Eff you Seahawks! Eff You, Eff You, Eff You!!!!! How do you lose to the freakin' 49'ers????? You guys suck! Oh yeah .... The Rams suck more. Seahawks, but I don't know why.
Seahawks -6
New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos (-6)
The Broncos are on pace to break the 2007 Patriots single season scoring mark. Yeah I know it's early and it won't last. Yeah I know they should have lost last week. I really give Shanahan credit last week though. No not for going for the win. I think he felt bad about getting that call on the 'Non-fumble' that was so obviously one so he decided to give the Chargers D another chance to win it. They failed and his team is now 2-0. The Saints will be an 8-8 team. Give me the Broncos.
Broncos -6
Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles (Even)
The Battle for the Keystone State. I don't know whether the Eagles offense looked good last week with their impressive passing game and 37 points or looked bad with their 13 fumbles between McNabb and Westbrook. Lets hope they didn't address this problem during the week. You've gotta love the way the Steeler D is just stomping the crap out of the opposition. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. This week should be a great indicator of how strong they really are since they haven't faced a team with this much firepower yet. I'll take the stronger Steeler D.
Steelers win
Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-4)
The Colts could really use a Bye Week already. I can't recall a more banged up offensive line. Manning is constantly feeling the pressure and you've gotta believe that he can't keep winning games on his own like he did last week against the overrated Vikings. Not only that but the Jaguars are due. After getting a beat down from the Titans and losing to Buffalo after having the lead late in the game you know they want to prove themselves and get on the winning track. I think they'll come out with an extremely physical game and pound Manning into the ground all day.
Jaguars +4
Cleveland Browns (-1) at Baltimore Ravens
Um .... So it's the Old Browns ... I mean Ravens vs. the New Bro .... I mean the Browns. The Browns really showed no signs of offensive life yet. I mean they have really been dead. Their opposing defense doesn't really get easier this week either. At least the Ravens don't have an offense either. I think the Brownies come out and finally get their first victory of the season.
Browns -1
Dallas Cowboys (-1.5) at Green Bay Packers
The Cowboys won't have the home crowd to feed off of this week. Their defensive backs looked pretty slow and out of place against the Eagles. Don't expect it to get any easier for them against Aaron Rodgers and Co. I expect Mr. Rodgers to have another spectacular day throwing the ball down field. The Pack will get the benefit of the Lambeau crowd and their D will respond. The Pack takes over NFC supremacy.
Packers +1.5
New York Jets at San Diego Chargers (-6)
I hate you Favre, I hate you Favre, I hate you Favre!!! J-E-T-S Jets, Jets Suck! I mean come on. Just remember who was the first to claim how overrated they were. That's right ... this guy!!! And you've got to be counting on the Chargers avoiding the 0-3 start. Especially after the crap they took last week. Chargers pound the Jets.
Chargers -6
Last Weeks Record: 11-4
Season Record: 20-11

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