Monday, September 8, 2008

Irish Road Trip: Links for the Day

I like my babies extra crispy;_ylt=ArYIYEpapTrLS283Y0ZLlBBH2ocA
At least the Massai don't have to worry about their elders finding this on yahoo!;_ylt=Ao_cKrStjyOnzoKx02x8RFIZ.3QA
Peter King finally admits that Carson Palmer is a bitch (pss ... It's number 6)

This is the most police work done in the history of Utah.
I didn't know Pacman Jones had a kid!
When criminal activity is in your job description its best not to advertise your whereabouts
Pitt is cursed by ADIDAS. All this time I thought Wannstedt just sucked at coaching!
PSU tailback is named Big Ten+1 Player of the week. For the record that's PSU #17 while Pitt is struggling not to get owned by MAC teams.

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