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Last week was sort of an up and down week for me. I found out I was either dead on with my analysis or waaaaaay off. Checking in with the Sports Guy and I find out that he's immediately jumping on my sleeper pick of the Buffalo Bills. Just remember this Pittsburgh Guy called it way before the expert did. Maybe it's because I can see through the Jets and I don't have a love affair of all things Boston (exactly the opposite actually). Let's delay no further. On to the picks!
Green Bay Packers (-6) at Detroit Lions
This is me last week: *Banging head against the wall* "God I can't believe I picked the Lions! God I can't believe I picked the Lions! God I can't believe I picked the Lions!"
I think that's a normal thing for anyone who's stuck in a position between the Falcons and Lions. I get to rectify that this week. Aaron Rodgers! I said he'd have no trouble last week vs. the Vikings. You could tell there were some nerves but nothing any normal person wouldn't have experienced when taking the Green Bay reigns off of a legend. Couple that with his offensive line who committed an average of one penalty every play (just kidding it was more like two) and you have a quarterback who didn't allow his offense to blow this game.
I'm picking the Packers -6.
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City (-2.5)
My god! Did the Raiders Defense ever show up last game? Or did they just play Jamarcus and Co. on both sides of the ball? They looked awful! The Chiefs on the other had already have the greatest play of the season (See: Pollard vs. Brady's Knee). They didn't play as bad as I and the rest of the country thought. (See: 16.5 point underdogs). A Weak Raiders versus a surprising Kansas City in Kansas City?
Give me the Chiefs -2.5.
New York Giants (-9) at St. Louis Rams
Who was that high school team that played the Eagles last week? Respect to the Eagles because I had no idea they'd be that good. But honestly the Rams were equally bad. The Giants came out so strong against the Redskins last week and then their offense sort of just died. Their defense with it's losses and injuries was a lot better than expected. This line is a tough one to call with it being in St. Louis. I still think the Rams are better than they showed but they will need another week or two before they pull it together.
I've got the Giants -9.
Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) at Minnesota Vikings
I called it last week. How many people believed me? Not many. The Vikings are not that good! Can we please get off their nuts now? Of course all those people who picked them to go to the NFC Championship or Superbowl are scrambling to change that. Too late suckas! Don't get me wrong. I don't think they're a bad team. I just don't see them in the top tier of the league yet. Especially when I still see a strong Packers team and a pretty good Aaron Rodgers. That being said I'm a little nervous about the Colts. They were shaky, real shaky, against the Bears. If they can pull it together on their line they'll do better. I just can't pick them to lose two in a row in the month of September.
Colts -1.5.
Tennessee Titans (-1) at Cincinnati Bengals
Vince Young is a head case. The Bungals is a team full of head cases. I don't know. The QB is suppose to be your rock so I'm wondering if Vince's antics have trickled down a bit. They still have an incredible backup in Kerry Collins. I hate the Bengals and they looked just like the typical Cincy Bungals against the Ravens. Cincy's fans will get on them if they are losing early on against the Titans.
Titans -1.
New Orleans Saints (-3) at Washington Redskins
Reggie finally got on the highlight reel. How long did that take? I really like the Redskins. I thought the Giants were going to blow them out after the first quarter last week. The Skins hung tough and made it a game. I wasn't really impressed with the Saints last week. I'm probably the only one not gushing over them. Reggie still hasn't impressed me as an NFL back. He's improving but I want more. You can't tell me that the Saints have points at Washington.
Redskins +3.
Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers (Even)
Too Easy. The Panthers are better than I expected. Like I said last week I hate picking them until after week 8 when you know which Panthers team showed up that year. The Bears D was back in full force last week. They'll find holes and knock down Delhomme all day. The Bears offense was um .... existent. I mean I thought the Chicago offense was extinct but it was actually decent.
My pick is da' Bears.
Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars (Even)
Buffalo is my sleeper. I really hate picking the Jags to lose two weeks in a row but I was surprised that they played that poorly last week. The Bills on the other hand crushed the Seahawks.
I'll take the Bills.
San Francisco 49er's at Seattle Seahawks (-3.5)
I laughed when I saw this game. San Fran sucks and the Sea-Chickens got crushed. Hmmm. Not much to say here. Seattle's fans win this one for them.
Seahawks -3.5.
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
Damn you Runhigh! Why did you have to tell me that retarded 'Don't bet on the Falcon's' Rule without giving me the 'unless they play the Lions' disclaimer? I don't know what I was thinking. I must be retarded. Well I thought the Bucs were a lot better than they showed. They might be but they've got to shake off the rust. Bucs at home against the Falcons? I'll give Runhigh's rule another shot.
Buccaneers -3.
New England Patriots at New York Jets (-1.5)
J-E-T-S JETS JETS SUCK! Please. I don't know what Kool-Aid everyone is drinking. Is it the Brett Favre Kool-Aid? That would explain John Madden. Is it the 'Spent a lot of money in free agency' Kool-Aid? That explains most of the teams that were over hyped in the last 15 years. The Pats looked lost against the Chiefs after Brady went down. They are still a good team. I think they play better this week even without Mr. Bunchen. The Jets won on two lucky heave-ho passes. What the eff? Against the Dolphins!!! What the eff again??? And everyone thinks they're awesome??? The Meadowlands aren't helping you this game.
Patriots +1.5.
Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals (-4)
Aaaand my NFC sleeper this year starts 1-0. Now they get to play the Dolphins. This just keeps getting better and better.
Cardinals -4.
San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (Even)
I was really hoping Vegas would make this one easier and just jump the line way up for the Broncos. No such luck. Now I've actually got to think about this one. The Chargers couldn't win at home against the Panthers. Their defense is without Merriman and they allowed the Panthers to just roll down the field on them on the last drive. That spells trouble because Cutler and crew put on a clinic against the weak Raiders defense. I can't see the Chargers defense faring much better in Denver.
Broncos win.
Pittsburgh Steelers (-7) at Cleveland Browns
I hate you Brownies. The Steelers started off with a bang. They are now everyone's favorite to take the AFC. I hate when that happens but it's hard to blame the sports pundits. They looked good. They looked damn good. The Brownies on the other hand got their ass handed to them by Dallas last week at home. I have no reason to think they'll look any better against the black and gold.
Steelers -7.
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (-3)
The first great battle of the year is here. I really under estimated the Eagles against the Rams last week. I hate when I do that. The Cowboys on the other hand cold cocked the Brownies like I thought they would. This is a completely different team they're playing this week. I like the Eagles to keep it close. I've got to take the Cowgirls at home though.
Cowboys -3.
Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans (Even)
Is this really a Monday Night Football worthy matchup? Thank God the good one is on early. This is kind of a joke. How do you give the Texans an even line? Is it because it's in Houston? That kind of scares me. It makes me wonder what Vegas knows. The Ravens D showed it's still pretty good last week. But how much stock do you put in that when it was against the Bengals. The Texans though could barely score on the Steelers. They got two late TD's against the second or third string or whoever was still trying. I can't pick that over Baltimore.
Ravens D wins this.
Last weeks record: 9-7
Season record: 9-7

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