Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Thunder of Thunder Bay

Go ahead and admit it. Last night you cussed out Therrien. You swore at Fleury or the defense. You thought for a second that the Refs were wearing some red. If you said no to all of these you're a liar. Personally I texted Runhigh "Game Over" after it went to 5-2 in the 3rd period. I think it was at that point we texted each other and said we were switching the channels. He went to some lesbian talking about God knows what and I flipped to watch the final table of World Series of Poker (I know it's not a sport but Damn it's addicting). So being the glutton for punishment I am I kept flipping back to the game expecting to find the Red Wings had gone up by another goal and that the Pens were giving up. But It seemed that the Pens never gave up and finally snapped out of the Stanley Cup funk that they appeared to have been in since the season started. It Started with 13 minutes left in the 3rd period. Down 5-2 and all but written off by the Versus announcer Emerick the Pens got a goal from the league's points leader Evgeni Malkin. Staal made it a one goal game just over a minute later when he put away a rebound off of Osgood. I know this is off the subject but for God knows what reason, every time Osgood made a big save after that goal the Detroit crowd kept chanting 'Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy' over and over. Hey dumb asses! You're goaltender has let up 4+ goals! Quit chanting his name like he's posting a shutout! The Red Wings once again sent a blow to my hope when they added a sixth goal to make it 6-4. I asked Runhigh if this game reminded him of Game 6 of the finals at all? Runhigh: "Nope ... whiskey ruined my memory of game six ... similar to tonight's." Staal added another goal and I quickly forgot about switching between Poker and the game and stuck with the Pens. Runhigh cussed the Pens out for not deciding if they were going to play well or not. The Staal show wasn't over though. After Fleury was pulled Staal added his 3rd with 22 seconds remaining to tie it and earn his hat trick.

It makes you wonder how anyone could be talking a Staal trade this early into a season. He's a third year player with an unbelievable rookie season. With superstars like Crosby and Malkin on the team and high expectations for his sophomore season I can understand how he felt like a letdown. But I can't believe how many people were so ready to give up on a player of his size and talent level. Now that his season has jump started I can envision a thirty goal season once again. Go ahead . . . You can all say "Hossa who?" now.
The Staal show wasn't over though. In the overtime period Staal's line turned over the puck and "The greatest forward in the game" as Detroit fans love to call him was made to look stupid as Staal back checked, lifted his stick, stole the puck, and made a pass to the tape of Fedotenko's stick who sniped it into the upper corner of the net to win the game. Staal has arrived and helped to ease the pain of the the June loss by demolishing the Red Wing defense in the 3rd.
Go ahead .... Talk trade now.


Runhigh said...

You forgot to mention the fat bitch who needs two seats for herself and kept obstructing the view of everyone else in the arena.

Irish Road said...

I thought I'd leave that up to you to grind out a hate post about her and her fat friends in other arena's (like the one who sat next to me at the home opener).