Monday, November 3, 2008

Detroit Lions - The Ultimate in Suckage

So last week I find out my buddy Chasser made a 150 push-up bet with my other friend in the pre-season that the Lions would make the playoffs. We laughed about it before the end of the Lions game last week when they lost and ran their record to 0-7. Chasser of course wanted to keep trash talking so he claimed that the Lions would run the table over the final nine games and finish with a 9-7 record and still make the playoffs. Being the antagonist that I am I told him that the Lions would be lucky to win one game let alone their final nine. I felt a bet stirring so I gave him a line of 2.5 on the Lions win total for the season. If finished better than 2-14 he would win. A 2-14 record or worse meant I would win. The bet? 500 push-ups. We all think that pain infliction is a better bet than monetary loss.
So Yesterday the Lions give me a scare by knocking out Kyle Orton and coming back from 10-0 to take a 20-10 lead. But of course the Lions being who they are blew a 10 point lead to Sexy Rexy in the second half and now sit at 0-8. Well only six more losses for them and my buddy has a tough bet to settle. But in good fun I wanted to give this little video tribute to Chasser's team that I pulled off of YouTube.

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