Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Normally we dont write about the Pirates after the season ends. We try to repress whatever God-awful season we just had from our collective memories. But good news tonight. Nate McLouth has won a Gold Glove and is the first Pittsburgh Pirate to win the award since Jay Bell in 1993 (remember him?). For the season McLouth only committed one error behind only Milwaukee's Jay Braun in the National League.

As with any good story about the Pirates, there is always a negative side, usually worse than the positive. I went to Google "Nate McLouth" and I found out there are 142,000 results for "Nate McLouth Yankees,"149,000 results for "Nate McLouth to the Yankees" and only 3,550 results for "Nate McLouth Gold Glove." Also there are only 1,850 results for "Nate McLouth girlfriend." Not sure what to read into that one.

Apparently McLouth is exactly the type of player the Yankees want. That logic means the Pirates should immeadiately identify a power pitcher in the Yankees system who is 3 months shy of blowing out his arm or a soft tossing number 5 starter who will consistently have a 4.75 ERA and light hitting middle infielder and make the trade. Or we could stop trading our productive players to the Yankees and Red Sox, keep them and actually field a quality team. Yes We Can!

Remember how the bottom fell out when we traded Bay, Nady and Marte last year? The Pirates had the offense of a playoff contender but the starting pitching that belonged in Double-A and caused the bullpen to wear down as the season wore on. At the very least I must commend Neil Huntington for not accepting Melky Cabrera as part of the Nady/Marte trade. He has the look of a career 4th outfielder and if he was any good the Yankees wouldn't of needed Nady last season or be trying to pry away McLouth now.
At any rate, by winning a Gold Glove, Nate McLouth has put himself on the fast track to be the next rising young star to leave the Pirates. We wonder how Ryan Doumit is going to respond to this bold move.

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