Thursday, November 20, 2008

NFL PICKS: Week 12

After another mini-vacation, a few drunken nights and overly hungover mornings I'm back to do the NFL Picks for the week. I still did my picks the last few weeks I was just waaaay too drunk to move and post them. Forgive my love of alcohol and alcohol related products. I thought posting the picks on Thursday may save me from the intoxication I'll suffer during the weekend. We'll see. On to the picks!

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers (-9)
The Bungals last three weeks have looked like this: Win over Jacksonville, Bye Week, Tie game vs. the Eagles. Savran called the bye week Cinncy's best week of the season. Ouch! Gotta love him. A hurt and depleted offense minus Mr. Chad Ocho Cinco will be hard pressed to keep the Steelers defense off of the score board. My prediction is the Steeler offense 28 - The Steeler Defense 14. Oh and the Bengals might score sometime in there.
Steelers -9
Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns (-2)
The Brownies seem to have found new life the past few weeks with Gay Man heart throb Brady Quinn at the helm. A big comeback win on Monday night vs. the Bills should have shot his confidence up. Houston meanwhile blew an opportunity to beat Indy and will probably get torn up by the Cleveland fans this week.
Browns -2
San Francisco 49er's at Dallas Cowboys (-6.5)
The 49er's have been awful this year away from San Fran. I don't expect things to get any easier for them this week when they visit Big D. The Cowgirls looked resurgent last week with Mr. Jessica Simpson back behind center. I expect them to get ahead early and put it in cruise control. Marion Barber should have a big rushing game.
Cowboys -6.5
Tampa Bay Bucanneers (-7.5) at Detroit Lions
I love the way the Bucs and Jon Gruden are steering the ship right now. I love even more how the Lions are doing anything right. No I don't hate the Lions but I think my man Irish Road's bet with his friend is hilarious. Besides the Lions are shooting for perfection right now! I got to go out on a limb though and say Bucs win but Lions cover.
Lions +7.5
New York Jets at Tennessee Titans (-1.5)
The Jets love affair still astounds me. It's the Brett Favre thing. Whatever the media can do to make this team into the NFL's football darlings they will. What the eff? I really can't see them waltzing into Tennessee this week and beating the Titans. I haven't been impressed with them once this year. They lost to Oakland!
Titans -1.5
Buffalo Bills (-3.5) at Kansas City Chiefs
After breaking out to 4-1 and making me look extremely smart for making them my AFC sleeper the Bills have since lost their last 4 games and are now 5-5 and last in their division. They need this game to stay in the hunt. The Chiefs are 1-9 and have no business being in this game. That's usually when an upset occurs but I think Trent Edwards is ready to put his interception craziness on hold.
Bills -3.5
Chicago Bears (-6) at St. Louis Rams
Look for the Bears to take out some anger this weak in St. Louis. Sexy Rexy will bring it.
Bears -6
New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins (-1)
Honestly who would have guessed before this season that the Dolphins would have been favored in any game against the Pats this year. Call me a skeptic but I don't buy them yet.
Patriots +1
Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars
I know the Jags run Defense has been less than impressive this season but I really thought the spread would be closer. Maybe it's a gimme for them to take that. I like them at home. I don't know why.
Jaguars +3.5
Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens (-3.5)
In a must win game against the Bengals last week the Eagles .... tied? What the hell? Seriously?!? How are you going to let those scrubs come that close to beating you when it's a must win for your team? "I didn't even know there were ties in the NFL." Good call from the guy who just barely beat Vince Young in the wonderlic.
Ravens -3.5
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (-10)
The Broncos should win at home. I don't know about 10 points though.
Raiders +10
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-1.5)
The Panthers are quietly 8-2 in the NFC South this year. 8-2 and nobody is talking about them. Matt Ryan is going to receive a wake up call from their defense this week.
Panthers +1.5
New York Giants (-7.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals
I like the Giants. They run hard. They play a physical defense. But I think if anyone can surprise them it will be a team with the likes of Kurt Warner. And being that the Cards are my NFC sleeper I'm going to stick with them.
Cardinals +7.5
Washington Redskins (-4.5) at Seattle Seahawks
I really think getting rid of Shaun Alexander was the worse thing the Seahawks could have done this year. I agree he was overrated but he was such a pass threat out of the backfield. That's one of those things that helps a weak team. Now the Seachickens are a weak team with zero weapons. This will be a rebound week for the Skins. Oh ... and wlecome back to Seattle Shaun Alexander!
Redskins -4.5
Indianapolis Colts (-4) at San Diego Chargers
I realize the Colts beat the Steelers and the Chargers lost to them. But I got the impression that the Colts were a weaker team than they showed and the Chargers were surprisingly tough. Chalk one up for that douche bag Phillip Rivers.
Chargers +4
Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints (even)
Just two words: Advantage Packers
Packers win.
Week 9 Record: 8-6
Week 10 Record: 11-3
Week 11 Record: 10-6
Season Record: 86-72-1

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