Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Rundown

A new writer addition to the Irish Road Drinking team has given new life to this writer for putting out posts. I'm not going to lie. So in celebration of the Steeler victory and on the eve of the Election Night Drinking Rules I bring you a Rundown of the Pittsburgh Sports.

First off Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies and their fans for winning the World Series. I know we love to give a hard time to Philadelphia but let's give credit where credit is due. The Phillies ended 100 seasons of misery by the city in sports futility. Too bad we can't say the same about the Cubs ... what am I talking about. Screw the Cubs. But seriously if ever a city was ready to party Philly is it. And boy do they know how to party!

Runhigh: "Guess its not the city of Brotherly Love anymore."

Penn State had a rough weekend despite not playing. How does a #7 team jump you in the polls if you're idle? It Boggles my mind? Texas Tech goes from 7 to 2 after beating Texas on a lucky last play at home. If it was at Texas it would have been game over by the 3rd quarter. But the Lions get jumped in the polls because of a "weak schedule." The Beat OSU away!!! This is with Beanie Wells playing and Terrel Pryor aclimated to the OSU system so don't give me the USC beat them rap. Because we all know that USC playing a home against an Ohio team with a depleted offense is different than USC playing in the Horshoe when OSU is at full strength. In my mind Penn State deserves the #2 ranking.

Weathering the storm of 16 straight losers is tough. Pirates writer Jennifer Langosch tries to answer the tough (and obvious) questions.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are off to less than a stellar start this season. Currently they are tied for second in the Atlantic Division with the Devils but way down at Seventh in the Conference. Runhigh was decent enough to remind me that they were one game under .500 last year at by Thanksgiving so lets not hit the panic button yet.

It appears that Alexander Semin is jealous of the Pens Captain Sidney Crosby though. Let's not sugar coat this crap. It wasn't anything lost in translation. It was straight up one douche bag jealous of somebody elses talents. Big whoop Semin. So you have 16 points so far. Any one can go on a hot streak. Real talent lasts the whole season. We'll talk 60 games in when you're 47th on the rank of points leaders. Oh yeah ... a common rule of thumb is to get your team into a position where they'd make the playoffs if the season ended today before you go and talk shit. Otherwise you end up sounding like you do right now ... another whiney little bitch!

Finally in the Obama vs. McCain bowl it looks like the Democrats have won ..... I mean last nights game when the Steelers visited the Redskins the Steelers prevailed 23-6. Hockey Guru's inaugural post on our site proved to be very accurate. The men of Steel came away with a win of more than ten points. Unfortunately our boy was short of the 38 point parlay prediction by 9 points. I don't think anybody would have guessed quite a defensive masterpiece that our team displayed. I know I didn't think the Redskins would hold us to 23. The MVP of the night had to be the defense. You couldn't single out anyone from it. With 7 sacks, 2 INT's on Campbell (the first two against him all season), and holding the Redskin offense to 3-15 on third down conversions it was an all out thrashing. Not to mention the 4th and goal from the one-yard line that the 'Skins passed from. Runhigh summed it up best when he said "What does it say about the Steelers D that the Redskins are afraid to run the best running back in football when only needing one yard." It says the Steelers stuffed Jacobs on four plays from the goal line last Sunday and it scared the crap out of Zorn. Pussy!

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