Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Irish Road Trip: Links for the Day

-Some chick in Indiana is suing to be allowed to play baseball for her high school team. Seriously? Enough of this equal rights crap. You have a softball team. Enjoy. If the guys wanted to try out for the softball team would anybody fight to help them out? No. Now get back in the kitchen and shut your bitch mouth!

-This dumbass in Atlanta thinks Matt Ryan is better than Ben Rothlisberger. Yeah dude. Check the stats you gave at the end of the page. Matt Ryan is worse in the major categories. And as our friends from Mondesis House pointed out Matt hasn't taken the Falcons to the NFC title game yet. If he does that then we'll talk.

-Bruce Lee is still the man!

-One of my favorite sites, the Art of Manliness, gives us some lessons to pass down on Thanksgiving. Let's just reword 'Watch the Cowboys game' to 'Root against the Cowboys' and 'Laugh at the Lions' and we're set.

-If you haven't laughed so hard you cried yet today the Pirates are helping out. The Buccos next move? Signing the winner of Donald Trump's 'Apprentice' show to be the new GM.

-Viagara is being tested as a performance enhancer. Um ... duh!!!!

Finally, Ryan O'Byrne decided to help out the Islanders last night by putting a goal in his own net. It is the time of giving!

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