Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This analysis is brought to you minus the temporary drop in IQ points I experienced last night by listening to Jaws and Kornheiser rant about Campbell's interception-less streak and the political significance of the game.

For the first two years after I graduated college, I was exiled to this place called Harrisburg and working for the most pretentious and obese boss I could have ever envisioned. Which is why I moved back to Pittsburgh. Plus I love the city. But I digress.

All he talked about was his beloved Redskins and the glory days of Joe Gibbs and how they were a better dynasty than the Cowboys, Steelers or 49's. Yeah, and Ralph Nader could win on election day. Pride was taken on his part for how hard it is to get Redskins football tickets. Or course, I maintained the Steelers fans were better and never gave up their tickets to opposing fan bases. We had to agree to disagree, until last night.

Matt Mosley of ESPN estimated their were 10,000 Terrible Towels waving in the FedEx Field crowd. Having 10,000 fans invade your home stadium is like a man sleeping with your wife, on national TV, and you have to watch while he waves a towel over his head while doing her doggystyle.

Anyway, on to the game analysis. Mike Tomlin continues to grow as a risk taker with an onside kick on the game's first play. Then Max Starks ducks for cover when a deflected football drops at his head allows a Redskins interception. I deem that the Big Country play of the evening. $7 million doesn't go as far as it used to I guess. I implore eveyone to write the new president to whomever that may be to change the tax code to make anyone who treats a football like a live grenade to automatically be in the 95% tax bracket.

The Steelers Defense held the Redskins without a first down on both possessions only allowing 2 field goal attempts and 6 points.

The Steelers are able to convert a field goal and score a touchdown on a Ben Roethlisberger 1 yard run to take a 10-6 lead with half the polls closing ... I mean halftime.

VP Candidate ... err... backup Quarterback Byron Leftwich enters the game to enter the second half. My text message to Irish Road: "Oh great, they are bringing the statue in." 3 minutes later after a Steeler touchdown I get a text message from Irish Road, "Statue 1, Runhigh 0." For once I'm thankful to be wrong. Jeff Reed misses the point after probably due to partying with college girls the previous evening.

With the Steelers up late in the game and having already sacked Campbell 7 times, Defensive Coordinator Dick Lebeau apparently decided everyone on the Defense deserves a sack or at least a hit on Jason Campbell. Thus we were treated to the spectacle of Casey Hampton playing zone coverage downfield and William Gay and Anthony Madison blitzing.

My political push of the day: How can Dick Lebeau not be in the pro football hall of fame? He should be in TWICE. Once as a player, once as a coach/master schemer. He had 57 interceptions playing for the DETROIT LIONS IN AN ERA WHERE THEY DIDN'T PASS THE FOOTBALL AND HE IS RANKED 7TH ALL TIME!!! Secondly, he invented the zone blitz defense which is being copied by seemingly every AFC team. Serioiusly, Lebeau's defenses keep opposing quarterbacks more dazed and confused than a hippie at Woodstock!

The Steelers intercept Campbell a second time with 20 seconds left to secure the Presidency ... uhh ... game. The absentee ballots ... err ... overtime will not be needed.
On an important sidenote: Who else saw the Rock Band Commercial last night? The first one was ok with her in the white t-shirt ... the post 11 o'clock was much better though.
I may embed the video when I figure out how ... but for now here is a youtube link:
This may be the first time in history where a video game's commercial has a higher rating than the actual game. I loved the commercial but have no intention of buying the game unless Heidi Klum comes with it ... in her underwear.

Irish Road Update: Here's the actual video

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