Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Irish Road

Welcome to the inaugural post of On Irish Road ..... no that doesn't sound right.

Hey everyone! This is the first ..... Still too manufactured.

I should be doing this drunk off my ass. Seriously. That's why you're here and why Irish Road came about. The idea of Irish Road was so me and my other buddy, who is occasionally sober enough to write too, could write down our exploits into the drunken world. And so we could vent into the web about whatever we felt needed venting. Usually that involves the maniverse or man-world. If politics comes up you'll get a healthy dose of bullshit from both of us. He's a flaming liberal and I'm ... well I tend to be more conservative but I really hate both parties (I just declared as an independent). Hopefully though politics won't come up. They suck and nobody wants to hear that crap anyways. So we'll mostly stick to the more inebriated side of life. That's where the title On Irish Road comes from. You see, we were drinking at my place one night when a good female friend of mine came over. I was acting in a rather cheerful state induced by 8 Yuenglings (Pennsylvania's Finest) and a couple shots of Jameson (Yum!). My cheerful state usually includes me cracking jokes left and right and playing many drinking games at once. Anyways, Julianne (as we'll call her .... okay that's actually her real name) was laughing her ass off in no time and wanted to know if I was drunk. Hell no I wasn't drunk!! My Irish blood is thick!! It takes a little more than that to get me there! But in all honesty I was more than buzzed. But not quite drunk. Does this make sense to anyone else? Maybe you need a high tolerance for it to make sense. But in a genuine moment she asked, "Are you drunk?" And I looked back and said "Naw, I'm just walking on Irish Road!" To this day the phrase has been used once somebody hits that level of drinking where they are the most cheerful person in the room and everyone in sight is instantly a friend. Irish Road isn't a level of drinking where you are fighting or aggressive, although it tends to lead to it, but a state of inebriation that lets you enjoy life more. Welcome to my Irish Road. Pull up a stool and grab a drink!

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