Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amanda Beard Wins Platinum Medals

The NY Daily News has reported that Amanda Beard thinks Michael Phelps is nasty:

Any gal in the world would be happy to make a date with Michael Phelps these days - any gal except fellow swimmer Amanda Beard that is.
Beard has no love for her fellow Olympian and record-holding winner of eight medals, telling the radio show "Johnjay and Rich in the Morning" that she would never date Phelps because she has "really good taste."
Beard, 26, even responded with a vehement, "Ew. That's nasty," when asked if she has ever held his hand.
Rumors surfaced that the two were an item on Tuesday and quickly caught fire online.
Earlier Tuesday Phelps, 23, also denied that he was dating the swimmer, telling "Extra" via satellite, "No, I'm not dating Amanda Beard. ... I think she has a boyfriend."
But sorry, ladies: Phelps wouldn't elaborate on his dating life. The champ said that only his friends know whether he's single.

Let's see Amanda, now you're what, almost 27? You're still in pretty good shape but you've always been a butterface. Just saying. So you're actually going to be starting that back slope of the good looks and high life in a few years.

Michael Phelps. Let's see the kid is 23 with like 45 gold medals. He is THE story of the Olympic games in Beijing. Sports pundits are estimating his future endorsements in the low $100 millions.

So you're not worth a quarter of what Phelps is probably going to be. You're Ugly. You're not as successful of a swimmer. You're no longer headlines since his talent upstaged your slutty PETA pictures. He eat's like a champion while PETA probably turned you into a vegetarian. Yeah, Amanda. You're waaaaayyy too good for Michael.

In reality, Phelps is going to bang 100 sluts who are better than you before he even get's back to Baltimore. And when he does decide that a girlfriend is in his future Irish Road thinks that maybe he should shoot for somebody who actually does have good tastes. I guarantee he would have a choice of these women from his hometown. It would be better if they were from Pittsburgh but they can't all be perfect ..... or can they?

Amanda Beard is ... even if it's only in her own world.

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