Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bob Smizik Eats Pieces Of Shit for Breakfast

Bob Smizik is at it again. I never knew a guy who wanted to dethrone Mark Madden as Pittsburgh's most hated Sports Head but Smizik is trying. A couple of weeks ago he started some good ol' fashion Pittsburgh controversy by calling us the fans a bunch of 'knuckleheads'. Today Mondesi's House linked us to his latest article where he goes in uncharted territory by ripping Pirates management and ownership (wow! Really doing the unthinkable!). Here is an excerpt:

There is so much enthusiasm about the Pirates having some decent young players that the fact they gave up their best veteran talent to get them is ignored. Also ignored is the fact the Pirates are a lesser team for it. Nor is there a guarantee that any of these newly acquired young players, including Alvarez, are going to be a highly productive hitter or even successful major league hitters.

Now I'm no expert but with all three of those Veterans contracts expiring in the next two years and with all having high price tags I'm pretty sure the best our organization would have done is re-sign, maybe, one player. What we did is sell high, get 8 players with good potential for 3, and restock the sad minor leagues system we have. I'd say that's great! If one player turns into a star than we pretty much break even seeing as we only would have kept one. If two turns into decent players than it's about the same. Say we get two all-stars out of the 8. It's my opinion that we come out ahead. We already have put 3 of those players into starting roles and all three excite me. LaRoche can only be a good thing for his brother. Is it possible that they get into a little brotherly competition and smack the hell out of the baseball? Yes! But I guess that's not good enough for Smizik. What about Karstens who's shown flashes of brilliance when he almost threw perfection against the Diamondbacks? Nah .... that's probably overrated by Smizik's standards too. I guess anything short of signing the entire Red Sox roster is unacceptable in his eyes. While they're at it maybe they can just bus in Red Sox Nation to cheer for them too. After all we are just a bunch of 'Knuckleheads'.

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