Thursday, August 28, 2008

Irish Road Trip: Links for the day

-LPGA does what the United States Government has failed to do.

-NBC Sports ranks the best Coaches. No surprise, the Belechick-Media love affair continues. Apparently having the most talented team ever has nothing to do with winning.

-P. Diddy leads a hard life. Spending $150,000 for a flight is within his budget but $200,000 to $250,000 is just crazy! He's suffering just like us!

-Guns N' Roses thinks leaking a song from their new album will lead to a significant financial loss. Right. Like none of the millions of fans who've been waiting for the last ten years will hold off on buying your album.

-With Hurricane Gustav approaching, New Orleans City officials are prepping for evacuation and lockdown. Think the residents will actually listen if told to leave this time?...... What? Too Soon?

-The Angry T previews the ACC football season. I must say it's pretty hilarious.

-Pedro Alvarez is officially Pittsburgh's newest Jag-off.

-PPG ranks the new college hot spots around the Steel City

-Ed Bouchette of PPG shines some light on one of my favorite Steelers of the past decade.

-Nittany Lion Nation finds out who’s going to be Buckeye linebacker fodder this year.

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