Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Post

Well for my first post I thought I would talk about the Olympics since that is the big thing this week. Tonight's events consist of track, gymnastics and diving.

First gymnastics: This has lost all luster for me. The Chinese have borrowed an old Clarion University XC tactic: Cheat to win. The Chinese (alledgedly) have been using 13 year old gymnasts to win Gold Medals for them while the minimum age to compete in the Olympics is 16. Somehow, Danny Almonte must be involved in this. It really is a disgrace though. I mean 13 year old Chinese girls should be making me Nike shoes in a factory not competing for Gold Medals. Props to the Americans who won the Gold medal on the balance beam. She deserves it. I just wish I could remember her name.

Next track: American track has fallen from it's hayday. Excuse me, I mean it's Balco fueled hayday. I guess a Bronze medal in the men's hundred and a Jamaican sweep in the women's hundred is what you get when your athlete's aren't taking steroids. Personally I think the military has a good idea which could be applied here. Don't ask. Don't tell. I maintain ignorance is bliss. We can't have the Chinese taking all the Gold, can we? Also what is the point of the 5 minute introductions before semifinal track races? It's on TAPE DELAY! Cut to the good parts. It feels like I am watching 90 minutes of coverage for like 8 races. Sanya Richards was only able to gain the Bronze medal in the 400 meter dash. The announcer said it appeard she cramped up. I think it may have been the 5 pounds of jewelery she was wearing as well as those stupid arm things that Allen Iverson wears. Seriously, it's a track meet, not a fashion show.

Lastly Diving: Ok who really cares about diving? At least it wasn't that synchronized diving bullshit. Look! I jumped on a board and fell into a pool! And they gave me a medal and an endorsement contract! Enough said. Plus I don't feel like writing anymore. The Daily Show is coming on soon.

One final comment: Could American news services not announce the results until they are shown on TV? Or at least not plaster it on the front page of every news and sports website? If I want to watch a sporting event I know the result of, I'll just pop in my DVD of Super Bowl XL.

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