Saturday, October 25, 2008


So after a few weeks hiatus I'm back and ready to knock them out again. A thanks to Runhigh last week for filling in for me while I was on the road, not remembering what I was doing. Okay, I remember. It was things that I probably shouldn't have been doing . . . except that's what made them fun. But that's a post for later on this week. Unfortunately Runhigh didn't go with picking the spread. You know like real men do. But I think if he did he would have done a lot worse than 7-6. So maybe it was a good thing. Anyways, On to the Picks!


Tampa Bay Bucanneers (-1.5) at Dallas Cowboys

Slowly everyone is discovering just how overrated 'America's Team' really is. Add key injuries to the mix and it's a great time to hate the Cowgirls. When the Bucs visit Big D this weekend look for their D to run the show and own Brad Johnson in the backfield. It's gonna be a long day for Dallas fans.

Buccaneers -1.5

Washinton Redskins (-8) at Detroit Lions

Two weeks ago the Skins screwed up my picks when they played like a high school team against the Rams (who usually play like a high school team). Last week they barely knocked off the Browns. I hate taking the points for them but this is the Lions! Let's just hope there's nothing heavy nearby for me to throw at the TV.

Redskins -8

Buffalo Bills (-3.5) at Miami Dolphins

My sleeper team is now on everyone's radar and this week they're going against a squad that has made everyone who's overlooked them pay. The Bills won't make the same mistake. Their defense will probably use the same tactics the Ravens did last week.

Bills -3.5

St. Louis Rams at New England Patriots (-4)

I don't know what the Rams have figured out in the last two weeks but it's not making picking against them easy. The Pats suffered a huge blow losing both Mulroney and Harrison. I think the home crowd will pick them up and carry them to victory this week. But it won't be by 4.

Rams +4

San Diego Chargers (-2) at New Orleans Saints

I really hate the Chargers. They're a team who doesn't know if they want to be good or mediocre until week 13. One week they'll blow a team out and the next they'll lose a game they should win. The Saints on the other hand seem to be the NFC version of that. I'm going to take the team playing tougher right now.

Chargers -2

Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets (-8.5)

How do you give the Jets that much after they lose to Oakland? Because they're playing the Chiefs at the Meadowlands that's how. If this was the Premier League the the Chiefs would have dropped down a league already.

Jets -8.5

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles (-5)

It looks like Matt Ryan will be the man in A-town for years to come. If they could add some key players they'll be a force in the NFC. The Eagles are struggling to keep pace in the East and they need this game bad. They'll come out strong but you know Philly. If something like a turnover happens early the fans will get on them and Atlanta should be able to keep it close.

Falcons +5

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers (-2)

I luuuuuvvvv my sleeper team! But this week I think they'll be a little outmatched. Come on ... this isn't the Seachickens or 49er's they're playing. This is a dominant team. I'm not saying that the Cards don't have it but put the Panthers at home and you've got a victory for Carolina.

Cardinals -2

Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens (-5.5)
This is the team that lost to the Saints by over 30. Now you're going to send them across the country into Baltimore to play a tough defense with a young offense. Advantage Ravens.

Ravens -5.5

Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5)

The last few weeks the Browns have been a surprising team. First beating the Giants and then taking the Redskins to the wire. They must have figured out something during that bye week to turn things around. The Jags have been dissappointing thus far. But with home field I think they'll manage to pull out on top .... only by a last second field goal.

Browns +3.5

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans (-6.5)

Hahahahaha ..... Bengals .... Hahahahaha.

Texans -6.5

New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers (-1)

This is basically a pick 'em. Who do you like more? The 2005 Champs or the 2007 Champs? Do you like the Steelers D line or the Giants? Eli or Big Ben? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? ....Sorry I got carried away. The noise factor will give the Steelers the assist and push Pittsburgh over the top.

Steelers -1

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49er's (-6.5)

Getting bored .... will anyone watch this game?

Seahawks +6.5


Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (-4.5)

I don't have much time left before opening kickoff in Wembley ... I just heard a bunch of British people attempting to keep pace singing God save the Queen while Joss Stone went on a Diva tirade. At least the anthem is short and she didn't make it sound bad. Titans win but not by much.

Colts +4.5

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