Thursday, October 2, 2008


After 33 years of dedicated service, the lead broadcaster for the Pirates, Lanny Frattare retired. Call me biased but I say being able to trot out announcers such as Myron Cope, Lanny Frattare and Mike Lange at the same time allowed Pittsburgh to claim having the best group of announcers in sports. Unfortunately, now all 3 announcers I grew up with are gone. Frattare and Cope are understandable as no man can outrun Father Time, but why is Mike Lange exiled to radio? Having Mike Lange on radio is like putting C.C. Sabathia in the minor leagues. It makes no sense.

Team President Frank Coonelly said the Pirates will begin an exhaustive search for a replacement. While Frattare was great I would hope "the best management team in baseball" begins an exhaustive search for better baseball players.

Potential reasons Lanny Frattare retired:

1. With dearth of power on the Pirates, knows his trademark phrase, "Go ball! Get out of here!" won't be used much next season.

2. Is tired of dealing with the airlines on road trips.

3. Doesn't want to announce a potential record breaking 17th straight losing season.

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