Saturday, October 18, 2008

NFL Picks Week 7

So Nighthawk is unable to make his picks this week, so I was asked to pinch-hit.

A couple changes from the norm.

1. I will be picking the game and not against the spread. As Herm Edwards says "You play to wint the game!" Not the spread. Not once in my life have I given points to someone in a bet. I have taken them though, usually to my benefit.

2. The picks this week will probably be much better than usual, because I am doing them.

3. Nighthawk will probably be bragging next week at me going 2-12 or something like that.

Without further wait onto the picks.

San Diego at Buffalo

Tough game to choose. Bills QB Trent Edwards was knocked out of the game last week with a concussion. I expect him to be a little gun-shy this week against a tough SD defense.

Pick: San Diego

New Orleans at Carolina

I have learned to not bet on New Orleans due to their unpredictability. The Panthers have the advantage playing at home on a grass surface which will negate the Saints speed.

Pick: Carolina

Minnesota at Chicago

Kyle Orton is playing efficient mistake free football this season. Meanwhile Minnesota has been playing the 2 headed atrocity that is Tavaris Jackson/Gus Frerotte. Minnesota's only hope is their running attack spearheaded by Adrian Petersen. The Bears run defense should limit big plays though. See above for comments about a dome team playing outdoors on grass.

Pick: Chicago

Pittsburgh at Cinncinnati

Even if the Bungles had Carson Palmer playing, this game would still be a lock for the Steelers. Big Ben is undefeated in Ohio since he entered the NFL. Expect a big game from Mewelde Moore and the Steelers run game. If Moore can gash Jacksonville for 99 yards imagine what he'll do to the Bungles run D

Pick: Steelers

Tennessee at Kansas City

While I have doubts about Kerry Collins leading a footbal team anywhere in the playoffs, he should be able to lead the Titans to a victory against the Larry Johnson-less Cheifs who was suspended for this game.

Pick: Tennessee

Baltimore at Miami

The Dolphins have been winning with solid defense and smoke and mirrors on offense. Baltimore has a good defense but no explosiveness on offense.

Pick: Dolphins

San Francisco at New York Giants

Last week the Giants lost against the Browns because they were looking ahead to the 49's. Yeah, I'm sure that's what happenend. Either way, the 49's aren't going to fly across the country and beat the defending Super Bowl champs.

Pick: Giants

Dallas at St. Louis

Romo is out (probably), so is Felix Jones, Terrance Newman, Adam Jones and Anthony Spencer. So of course I'm going to pick the Rams right? Wrong. Brad Johnson is a Super Bowl Champion QB, and I think he will do just enough to win. If I'm wrong, feel free to told me I told you so.

Pick: Dallas

Detroit at Houston

This is simple. Never bet on Detroit. Especially on the road.

Pick: Houston

Indianopolis at Green Bay

Indy looked great last week against Baltimore's defense. I can't bet against them. Even on the road.

Pick: Indy

NY Jets at Oakland

This is easy. Never bet on Oakland, especially when they have a coach with 3 weeks experience.

Pick: NY Jets

Cleveland at Washingon

I hate both teams. Cleveland because well it is Cleveland and Washington because my old boss who I despise has wet dreams about the Joe Gibbs era.

Pick: No pick but I'm rooting for the Browns and Redskins team buses to crash and explode on the way to the stadium.

Seattle at Tampa Bay

Easy pick here. Seattle sucks this season. Jeremy Stevens gets revenge on his old team. For what I don't know, but Tampa Bay wins.

Pick: Tampa Bay

Denver at New England

Denver's run defense sucks but Laurence Maroney is probably out. So that is a wash. Jay Cutler and the Broncos secondary is better than New England's on both accounts.

Pick: Denver

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Runhigh said...

Pending tonight's game I went 7-5. I guess I avoided total embarrassment (unlike Dallas)but you won't see me taking the MGM Grand for a large sum of money anytime soon.

In all fairness I should be 9-3 considering Brett Farve and Peyton Manning have no excuse to not outplay Jamarcus Russell and Aaron Rodgers.