Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super Steeler Babes

Thursday September 10th

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers (-6)

I didn't want to give a cliche' start of the season preview and predictions that you're use to getting. Instead I wanted to just bring you my pick for Thursday's game and then let you drool, mind numbingly over the epic amount of hot babes in Steeler gear. There's 44 pics in honor of Super Bowl XLIV that will be played this year. Yeah ..... That's a much better start to the season than some crappy prediction. Go Steelers!
Prediction: Steelers -6

She doesn't make bad calls

Who will play touch with her?

Cougars are fans too

Steelers and fishnets ... who knew?

Friends don't let friends cheer for the Ravens

Or the Browns

No worries ... nobody cheers for the Bengals anyways

Steelers and Whiskey?!? A woman after my heart!


Ooh ... Steelers bag!

Three of them ... so you can share one with a friend

Okay. So technically not all of them are wearing Steeler gear.

Please say this is the new ball girl. Please say this is the new ball girl. Please say .....

This dress says "I want to be formal but I'm here to party!"

May be the hottest chick with Steeler gear on .... ever!

Alyssa Milano can't keep her hands off champion merchandise.

Just ... a little .... lower!!!

Perfect technique on the cradle

Bonus: Steelers Babes in Video!

People videos

In retrospect .... that video was kind of gay.


BlueEyes69 said...

Next time I get dressed up for a game, I'll send you a pic! Great stuff!!!

Irish Road said...

I'll hold you to that!

Hept-Rossi said...

Kudos, sir. Trumped my Week 1 predicitions with several strategically placed Terrible Towels. Well done.

Irish Road said...

Anything for a friend!