Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Real (Sports) Talk

With training camps around the NFL in full swing we are now able to get that awesome feeling of football season, and more importantly Steeler season, creeping up on us. With the Ben Roethlisberger scandal there have been no shortage of stories around the team. If you’re Big Ben though it’s nice to know that Steeler Country has your back. She probably missed this sign on the way into fix his T.V.

Polamalu is sitting out practices left and right with discomfort in the hamstring again. Dick LeBeau one of the top two players he’s ever coached (Carnell Lake is the other) and Mike Tomlin was quoted saying "I would imagine he could role out of bed and play strong safety in the NFL, That's what makes him Troy." No small exchange of words from a Super Bowl Champion head coach. The other notable Steeler missing practice is the great Hines Ward. But as the Super Genius Mark Madden puts it, if you have two veterans of that caliber missing practice its not that big of a deal unless some rookie complains about it and causes a stir. “I’d rather they missed practice in August than games in January.” Just more wisdom from Mr. Madden.

And just to throw in some Baltimore love from the gays in purple … I mean the ‘Men’ in purple Terrell Suggs has started the trash talk early by sporting a t-shirt at practice that says "You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers." He also called the rivalry the "biggest in sports right now." The ‘Hitman’ Ryan Clark may have ended the running early for greatest quote of the season when he responded with "They can wear their shirts. I guess while they wear their shirts, I'll wear my ring, and we'll see which ones look nicer." Well played good sir, well played. To all those suckers in Baltimore still rooting for the Ravens we’ll see you at the end of November and we’ll see you at the end of December … and if you want to lose again we’ll see you at the end of January.
In Pirate news the team is finding more ways to suck as they got 1-hit for the second time this season courtesy of Yusmeiro Petit and the Arizona Diamondbacks. But don’t let anyone say that the Pirate fans suck or are uneducated about baseball. The crowd gave Petit a standing Ovation after his no-hit bid was broken up in the eighth in recognition of his great pitching performance.

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