Friday, August 28, 2009

The Pirates Sinking Ship

With another August almost under the Pirates belt and 37 games remaining the Pirates stand at 53-72, 19 games under .500. At this point the Buccos would have to pull off an amazing 28-9 record to break even and avoid being the owners of the worst consecutive losing seasons in professional sports. Unlikely. Okay … very unlikely. Alright … fucking impossible. Let’s face it, these guys are and have been downright awful. They should get an ESPY just for an unprecedented level of crappiness. It would probably look something like this.

But lets face it the moves made this year were pretty good. I mean who did we get rid of? Nate McLouth, our best player, is out on the DL right now. His replacement McCutchen is better with worlds of potential to skyrocket into greatness within a year or two. Freddy Sanchez is solid. He was a clutch hitter. But Delwyn Young has given us no reason to think that he can’t hit or field just as well. I tend to believe he has a little more power too.

Adam Laroche? Laugher. You could replace him with one of those kids from LLWS and not lose any Major League production at the plate. Anybody we put there can’t be any worse.

Jack Wilson? Please. The guy, as loveable as he was, is a mediocre shortstop at best. Jack Wilson is like that mole on Cindy Crawford’s face. You can call them charming and a trademark all you want but the end result of removing it just makes the product even better.

Nyjer Morgan? Now that one is a toss up. But I think the experts were right when they say his replacement, Lastings Milledge, if harnessed and attitude adjusted, can be a really solid and possibly all-star quality player. You can already see the change in him just from playing with Andrew McCutchen. I think he looks up to McCutchen and drives to be as good. These two can be one of the most dynamic duos in the outfield that Pittsburgh has seen in a long time. And depending on where Garret Jones ends up people may start talking Bucco baseball if for nothing else but the best outfield in the league.

Now if we could just get some consistency from the bullpen …

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