Friday, July 31, 2009

Beer Pong

Some lovin today for the greatest college drinking game of all. If you don't agree with me it's because you have a fucking vagina and you think flip cup is the shit. It isn't ... and you're retarded. But today I wanted to spell out the better rules of Beer Pong that I've heard and wanted to see if I could get other rules to post. What are your favorite random rules?

1. The End Game

My buddy Chad once ruined his table and decided to take off his basement door and use that. Genius! Keep the game alive! One problem though. It was a sort of fucked up basement door and the door knob was more towards the center of it than on the side where it normally is. So in light of his recent spontanaity Chad made up a rule that if you hit the ping pong ball off of the door knob and landed it into your opponents cup it would end the game! It usually wastes a shot but if you're down 5 cups to 2 it may be worth it.

Runhigh and myself have incorporated Chad's awesomeness into normal games by placing a shot glass upside down in the middle of some of our games. Same rule. Instant End game.

2. Return Defense.

Sometimes it just isn't your night and you need to bounce the ball and get an instant two cups to get back in the game. Sometimes it just isn't your night when your opponent keeps getting bounces in on your side. Well we made it so that bounces are dangerous for the whole table. If a ball bounces on the table and goes into any cup then it's two cups away from that side. So if I bounced a ball and it missed my opponents cups and bounced back to my side and in one of my cups then I have to remove two. This ensures that I play defense on my side after a risky throw.

3. Killer Cup

I use to have a short table. We established lines that you would have to stand at to throw to compensate for the table being small. Still ... with a bunch of skilled beer pongers the games went by super fast. So my buddy Wes came up with the idea that we would replace the back middle cup with a tall, smaller glass cup to make it very difficult to get in. So difficult that you would have to make an almost perfect toss to land it. Thus the games were harder. Thus the killer cup.

4. The Gentleman's Rule

This may by far be my favorite rule. Do you ever have those people play that will pull away a beer cup and set it on the side of the table. Then they end up beating you because you're fucked up a little and they are still perfectly sober? Or worse! They don't even drink it at all and it sits there after the game. Or you have to wait for them to finish the beer at the end before you can start the next game ... Arrgghhh!!! I hate those guys (or girls). So to fix that I created the Gentleman's Rule. If an opponent lands a ball in your cup then you HAVE TO drink that cup before you make your next throw. If you throw before drinking that cup then your throw does not count. And none of your future throws will count until that cup is drank. Respect the game. Follow the Gentleman's Rule.

This is not a Side Cup but a C-Cup ... we thought you'd get the idea

5. Side Cup

An official Irish Road-Runhigh household Beer Pong rule is the Side Cup Rule. Before the start of the game every player must have a side cup. It may not be a bottle or a can ... it has to be a glass or cup. If a player from the other team so chooses he may shoot for your cup. If he makes it in you must drink the entire contents of your cup and return the ball to him (or her ... but really ... what girl would waste a shot for that?). What we've noticed is that it kind of keeps both teams drinking a little even if there cups aren't getting knocked out. That way if someone would shoot for their cup and make it they don't have a full one to drink. BUT the person is allowed to defend their cup. Even in the air. So it's a risky shot and you usually have to make sure that your opponent isn't paying attention before you shoot it. And if you miss you wasted your turn.

6. Boobs

I once played against a girl who was chesty ... for those of you who don't understand that it means she had exceptionally large and very nice tits. She, like most girls, tried to use that to her advantage and distract me. I told her that if I made the shot in her cleavage she had to show them to me later. She said yeah right she would block it before that happened. I made it twice that night. My buddies loved me for it. Boobs rule rules!

7. Shutout

This one depends on the House Rules. But everyone needs a shutout rule. If you shutout your opponent how do they humiliate themselves? Pink tiny shirt? Pink tutu? Run around the house naked? Make out with their partner (please ... girl partners only)? Whatever you decide make sure it's humiliating and for your enjoyment.

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