Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Oh man ... It's that time of the year again. It's the Pittsburgh Pirates Fire sale: All decent players must go! Next item up for bid - A beautiful combination package of Doumit and Zack Duke! Get yours today!

Being a Pirates fan is like being the parent of a bad Little League baseball player. You know nothing is ever going to come out of it. You know you're suppose to cheer them on even though they suck so you clap wildly for routine singles and tell them "It's okay because at least you tried your hardest." When really you wish for once you had the kid who batted .667 and fielded like Ozzie Smith because at least that kid gave you excitement and hope for a championship. But not your child .... Not the Pirates. They are the bad Little League baseball player ... and we are their unfortunate parent.

Today the team got rid of the longest tenured 9 year veteran Jack Wilson. In exchange the Nuttings got rich and MLB promised not to out them for caring more about turning a small profit instead of putting together a winning franchise. All in all a win for the Pirates (ownership ... who gives a shit about the fans?). Actually I do find this a decent trade. We got rid of Ian Snell who was never motivated to play for this team (I can't say I blame him) got a comparable shortstop (not defensively) a potential power hitting first baseman (who needs much work) and three decent young pitching prospects. Let's face it we were never going to pay Wilson and Snell was just going to act like a little bitch every time he pitched here. As in earlier posts I say good riddance.

The other trade of the day saw a player we should have paid to keep, Freddy Sanchez, go to the San Francisco Giants for pitching prospect Tim Alderson. Freddy won the 2006 batting title and was coming into his own defensively at 2nd base. I was hoping the Bucs would drop a little dough and keep him but apparently the Nuttings put on their GM hat and told Huntington to get rid of him. Huntington did well to at least aquire the number 4 prospect in the Giants farm system but it feels empty to acquire a single prospect for a proven player.
Besides ... with the loss we'll be hard pressed to find new and exciting ways to mock our middle infielders. Mr. Cindy Crawford and Steve-O's twin just made things too easy. Good luck to both but I can't say I'm too disappointed.

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