Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man Challenge: The Trilogy of Death

The Trilogy of Death
The back story of the Trilogy of Death is this. Some chick opened her mouth and I made her pay dearly.
Well .... okay there's more to it than that. I was hosting a New Year's Eve party with a buddy who bar tends. During the party some of the girls decided it would be a great idea for them to do beer bongs in front of everyone. Classy. Anyways halfway through the train ... this chick next to me says out loud "I'd rather take three shots in a row than bong a beer." Of course I called her on it. She was one of those yuppy 'I'm proud and I'm better than you' type of chicks so I knew she wouldn't back down. She accepted the challenge and we went over to the bar. I said to her "you know he gets to pick our shots?", referring to my roommate. He lined up six shot glasses. Three in front of each of us (for the Browns fans who can't count at home). The rule was that we had to take the shots back to back to back with very little to zero hesitation between. And it was:
Shot One: Nikolai Vodka (Smirnoff is acceptable)
Anything better loses the nasty taste that helps create the effect of the Trilogy of Death
Shot Two: Jose Cuervo (or alternate brown Tequila)

Shot Three: Jack Daniels (or other harsh Whiskey's like Wild Turkey)

Man up Factor: Substitute the last shot with a shot of Bacardi 151, Moonshine, or Everclear

Of course the prideful retard puked 5 minutes after the last shot. Still rather take three shots over a beer bong? Thought not bitch! That's some death coming at you! Now go make love to that porcelain goddess!

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